Aidy Bryant could be leaving 'SNL.' Here's what we know so far

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Editor's note: An updated version of this story is available.

Aidy Bryant is reportedly expected to leave "Saturday Night Live" after this season concludes.

Deadline reported Friday that Bryant, from Phoenix, as well as Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon, are thought to be exiting the show.

Bryant has been on Saturday Night Live since 2012. Like many of the cast members her appearances have been sporadic over the years as she worked on outside projects. These include the Hulu comedy series "Shrill," for which Bryant received an Emmy nomination.

Bryant has played a number of recurring characters on Saturday night live, including Meghan McCain, the former cohost of "The View" who, like Bryant, attended Xavier College Preparatory High School in Phoenix. Bryant also played Sen. Ted Cruz, among other characters.

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Every year as the season draws to a close guessing who will quit and who will return becomes a kind of parlor game. When she was doing publicity for "Shrill" in 2021, Bryant talked about trying to decide whether she would return.

"This is genuine — I'm not dodging. I don't know," she told The Arizona Republic at the time. "I really don't know. And I kind of keep thinking I'll have a moment of clarity where I feel like OK, it's the time, or no, I need to stay. And I haven't quite had that moment yet.

"I honestly think doing "SNL" in COVID has been a really odd experience because … 'Oh, I'm a vet now, I've been at the show, I know how it works.' And COVID's kind of turned that upside down. So it's almost like learning it in a whole different way."

"I'm still having fun (laughs)," she continued. "I still enjoy being there. So I don't know. And I think in a weird way I need to get on the other side of this season and on the other side of getting "Shrill" out there to have a little space to think about it."

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