AI powered food app Obvlo launches in Austin this week, connecting locals to restaurants, bars and cafes based on their personal taste profile, replacing generic review sites.

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AUSTIN, Texas, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Obvlo, is a free app that curates cities, giving local people a smart way to discover and order local food and drink based on their individual preferences.

Team Obvlo.
Team Obvlo.

Obvlo started life early in the pandemic as a shared Google Sheet of restaurants that started a takeout service when forced to close their doors. Since then it has evolved into a popular mobile app designed to match consumers and restaurants, with huge uptake in UK cities over the last 11 months.

Obvlo doesn't process any orders, instead connecting to all the existing food spots in the market and all their ordering or booking methods. This gives them more coverage than any comparable service while supporting local businesses to avoid any new third party fees.

Obvlo founder, Callum McPherson, said:
"There are over a billion restaurant searches on Google every month, but what we don't get there is personalization. I don't just want to know what's near me, I want to know if I'll like it, if my friends have been and liked it and how I get it. We're all different and shouldn't have to rely on a generic directory or the reviews of strangers.

Obvlo asks for your preferences and combines them with your activity, location, and other factors to create an individual taste profile. What you then see is based on you rather than the places that have paid for the top spots, as is the case on other apps.

Anthony from @thehungrylonghorn, Austin Food Blogger said:
"It's great to have Obvlo make their way into the States because for the longest time restaurant owners have been looking for a way to promote their brand and sell food without having to lose a huge chunk of their revenue to the big guys. I appreciate how they made this app with care towards the owners first."

Callum continued:
"We've chosen Austin as our first base outside of Scotland because of the strong sense of culture and the tight knit community. It reminds us of Edinburgh, another cultural capital, and the city where we started this journey."

CONTACT: Callum McPherson,, 447791980373


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