Agile 2 Academy helps $5B product company streamline its Agile roles -- producing cost savings

RESTON, Va., Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Cost is on every executive's mind today, and Agile 2 Academy is helping companies to increase their agility while reducing cost.

One way to reduce cost is to revisit the many "Agile" roles, and examine what they are really for. For one client, we ran workshops to find out what the various Agile and development leads thought, and it turned out that they saw themselves as leaders, and wanted accountability – all of them did. This did not surprise us, because our model of organizational agility[1] informs us that effective and supportive leadership throughout an organization is the key driver of behavior and organizational culture, and behavior is the key to agility.

We are now helping that company to merge their Agile coach career track into a leadership track that leads into the management track. After all, Google's research about what makes an effective manager showed that managers need to be good coaches – in fact, it is the first criteria listed.[2]

This particular client company is growing, and so merging career tracks is feasible without letting a lot of people go. But it means that as they grow, instead of hiring separately for management and coaching, they will hire for one path, and provide leadership and coaching training to everyone on that path, which will improve effectiveness and keep the company lean.

The end result will be more agility and effectiveness, and reduced cost.

About Agile 2 Academy

Agile 2 Academy is a startup founded by several of the originators of the Agile 2 movement. Their book, Agile 2: The Next Iteration of Agile, has won wide acclaim. Agile 2 Academy's mission is to help organizations to use the ideas of Agile 2 effectively.


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