AGAE's Pilot Plants Prove Rhamnolipid Production Breakthroughs

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PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AGAE Technologies, LLC ("AGAE"), a specialty chemical and biotech company based in Corvallis, Oregon (USA), is proud to announce that it is successfully operating the first fermentation and mass purification pilot plants in North America dedicated to producing naturally occurring rhamnolipid biosurfactants. AGAE's 500-liter fermentation pilot plant features significant cost, water, and energy saving configurations. AGAE plans to scale the fermentation pilot plant to its largest possible capacity to meet the broad demand for rhamnolipid products. The company's unique and innovative technologies allow it to produce rhamnolipids in a very cost-effective manner and positions the company to achieve industrial scale production at between an estimated 2,500 to 5,000 metric tons per year. The modular design of the pilot plants allows the company maximum flexibility in controlling production growth and its profitable expansion.

AGAE Warehouse: Sterilized Rhamnolipid Fermentation Broth
AGAE Warehouse: Sterilized Rhamnolipid Fermentation Broth

Rhamnolipid biosurfactants, produced at scale, can eliminate the use of synthetic and petroleum-derived chemical surfactants worldwide and replace them with naturally occurring organic products. AGAE's globally recognized expertise in rhamnolipid technologies has allowed it to develop the most mature, innovative, advanced, and comprehensive processes currently available. Its uniquely designed facilities optimize fermentation, downstream processing, purification, and analytics. It has successfully resolved many of the longstanding technical challenges in the large-scale production of rhamnolipids, including operating with a very low to zero waste carbon footprint, developing sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly, safe and socially responsible manufacturing processes, efficiently controlling excessive foam without the use of any chemical antifoaming agents, and achieving high yields of rhamnolipids at relatively low costs.

AGAE's rhamnolipids-formulated products have been independently tested by third party laboratories, which have confirmed the shelf life, quality, safety, and efficacy of its products as being equal to, or better than, leading brands. AGAE's rhamnolipid products have a wide range of potential applications, including as household cleaners, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care products, degreasers, bioremediation, oil tank cleaning and enhanced oil recovery, adjuvants, and biofungicide and biofertilizer formulations, among others. Apart from their broad applications, the products' green credentials ensure that they are safe, healthy, and beneficial to the environment.

About AGAE Technologies, LLC

AGAE is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying its customers with the best rhamnolipid products available. AGAE's founder, Xihou Yin, started the company in 2010 to develop all aspects of rhamnolipid technologies required for commercialization of this most important, highly studied, and extensively characterized biosurfactant. Yin is a molecular geneticist, microbiologist, and natural product chemist. He and the rest of the AGAE team have, through their persistent efforts, realized multiple milestone breakthroughs in rhamnolipid production technologies. AGAE firmly believes that rhamnolipids will gradually replace a significant portion of petroleum-derived, chemically synthesized, and even plant-based surfactants. Scientific evidence from over 75 years of studies fully supports the use of rhamnolipids, which are among the best known and widely applicable biosurfactants, and which are safe for both humans and the environment.

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