AFV to continue airing Bob Saget tributes every episode this season

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Bob Saget
Bob Saget

It’s been two weeks since beloved TV dad and gleefully explicit stand-up comic Bob Saget died, but one of his old television homes isn’t ready to stop paying tribute to the man who made the show what it still is today. According to Variety, America’s Funniest Home Videos—known generally known by the shortened moniker AFV—will now be airing a regular segment every episode called “AFV Remembers The Saget Years” featuring highlights from the original host’s nearly decade-long run on the series.

AFV already aired a Saget tribute during its January 16 episode, the first to air since his death, but producer Vin Di Bona told Variety that he realized that was simply too much good stuff from Saget’s years on the show to not continue showcasing his best moments. Though Saget’s approach to hosting the show was definitely different from successors like Tom Bergeron and Alfonso Ribeiro (most notably in Saget’s fondness for recording goofy voiceovers that would play over the videos), Di Bona told Variety that he had forgotten “how whimsical and crazy his host bits were,” like one moment the producer fondly recalls in which Saget announced it was his birthday and everyone in the audience immediately held up wrapped gifts for him.

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Di Bona says it’s “that kind of gentle crazy humor” that he wants future kids to see from Saget. He also notes that Saget was “most proud” of the voiceover gags he would do, so there will presumably be some emphasis put on those in terms of the clips chosen. There are 12 more episodes left in AFV’s current season (its 32nd), and the Saget tribute will air at a different point in each one. The “AFV Remembers The Saget Years” segments will presumably stop after this season, but maybe if everyone develops a newfound appreciation for that era, ABC will keep it going.