Aequilibrium Connects Businesses with AR Creators to Boost Profits and Maximize Growth

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Chicago, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The benefits of augmented reality are rapidly spreading across all sectors of business, entertainment, and home life. Yet, there are still many companies that have not tapped into the power of AR to discover how it can help them connect with a new generation of consumers while growing their brand and increasing revenue.

At Aequilibrium, they are on a mission to facilitate the creation of valuable AR content for e-commerce and retail, real estate, food and beverage, and digital marketing companies, connecting business owners with AR creators to build personalized, high-impact augmented reality programming, campaigns, and services.

Led by CEO, Aldo Petruzzelli, as well as Eris Verne, CTO, and Marco Wu, digital product designer and initial co-founder along with Aldo. Aequilibrium is committed to creating exceptional AR services while also empowering AR creators with a platform that supports their work, provides opportunities to connect with businesses, and bridges the gap between companies who do not yet fully understand the capabilities of AR and the creators who can help them most.

(Photo of Aldo Petruzzelli, co-founder and CEO)

“At Aequilibrium, we’re all about reinventing how businesses adopt augmented reality. Many businesses don’t have the resources, infrastructure, people, or budgeting tools to accept AR as a technology,” Petruzzelli says.

Their market research reveals that problem in stark detail:

  • 58% of businesses don’t know the benefits of AR – or the options available to them

  • 77% of businesses do not believe there is a strong ROI or that that can reach customers at scale

And the problem is not solely for businesses. Creators themselves struggle to find a platform to showcase their work and connect with ideal clients. Current job search and bidding system platforms make it difficult to monetize their creative work and gain exposure in a growing field.

That is where Aequilibrium is at its best. By developing a simple and streamlined way for businesses to both see the benefits of AR and connect with the best creators in the industry, Petruzzelli and his team are confident that they can help build a more robust virtual and augmented world.

(Photo Showcasing the Platform Experience for Businesses)

“We provide a platform with networking opportunities for AR creators and tools for businesses,” Petruzzelli says. “So, businesses can now understand their AR options and match with relevant AR creators for development.”

The platform is intuitive and easy to use, even for companies who may be entering into the world of augmented reality for the first time. The goal, Petruzzelli says, is leveraging technology to meet their business and operational goals.

(Photo of Eris Verne, CTO)

“We have a built-in recommendation engine that highlights relevant AR use cases by industry and business goals,” Petruzzelli says. “We then recommend features to implement and what creators will be the best fit for development.”

Aequilibrium offers a flexible transaction-based business model for any business type and size, and they never collect fees from individual AR creators who match with companies – a distinction that separates them from other bidding systems, allowing them to attract the top industry talent to showcase their work.

And as Petruzzelli explains, this is only the beginning for Aequilibrium.

“In the future, we plan to integrate as many tools as possible as part of the services that businesses and creators can access,” Petruzzelli says. “We want to be the go-to company for the management, development, and deployment of all things AR.”

In doing so, Petruzzelli believes they will serve a large portion of the business world that is not yet aware of the possibilities with augmented reality.

“Businesses know what they want, to reduce returns, increase sales, increase engagement, but they don’t know how AR might be a solution for them,” Petruzzelli says. “Whether they’re in e-commerce, retail, real estate, food and beverages, or the digital marketing space, we can help them understand what AR is and how it can help them achieve their goals.”

(Photo of Marco Wu, co-founder)

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