Addmaster Corporation Announces Extension of Tender Offer

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MONROVIA, Calif., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Addmaster Corporation (OTC: ADDC) (the "Company") announced today that it has extended the offering period of the previously commenced cash tender offer to purchase a minimum of 170,677 shares and a maximum of 298,204 shares of its common stock to 11:59 P.M., Eastern time, on December 28, 2021, unless further extended. The tender offer was previously scheduled to expire at 11:59 P.M., Eastern time, on December 3, 2021.

Computershare, the depositary for the tender offer, has advised the Company that, as of 5:00 P.M., Pacific time, on December 3, 2021, 100,933 shares of common stock of Addmaster Corporation were tendered pursuant to the tender offer. Shareholders who have already tendered their shares of Addmaster Corporation common stock do not have to re-tender their shares or take any other actions as a result of the extension of the expiration of the tender offer.

The Company expects that the tender offer will be consummated promptly following expiration of the offering period (as hereby extended), subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the remaining conditions to the consummation of the tender offer described in the Offer to Purchase previously mailed to shareholders of Addmaster Corporation.

Georgeson LLC is the information agent for the tender offer and any questions or requests related to the Offer to Purchase and related materials with respect to the tender offer may be directed to them by telephone, toll-free, at (800) 457-0759.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security and shall not constitute an offer, solicitation or sale in any jurisdiction in which such offering, solicitation or sale would be unlawful.

Cautionary Note Concerning Forward-Looking Statements

Any forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, statements regarding the tender offer and the expected timetable for completing the tender offer, and other statements about the Company's future expectations, beliefs, goals, plans or prospects, are subject to risks and uncertainties. These statements speak only as of the date of this press release and are based on the Company's current plans and expectations and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual future events or results to be different from those described in or implied by such forward-looking statements, including risks and uncertainties regarding: uncertainty about how many of the Company's shareholders will tender their shares in the tender offer; the possibility that any or all of the various conditions to the consummation of the tender offer may not be satisfied or waived in a timely manner, if at all; the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstance that could give rise to the termination of the tender offer; changes in financial markets; changes in economic, political or regulatory conditions; changes in facts and other circumstances and uncertainties concerning the tender offer; and other factors set forth in the section entitled "Certain Risks and Considerations Related to the Offer" in the Offer to Purchase mailed to the Company's shareholders in connection with the tender offer. The Company cautions shareholders not to place undue reliance on the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. Except as required by applicable law or regulation, the Company does not undertake any obligation to update or revise any such forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances.

Important Additional Information

This press release is neither an offer to purchase nor a solicitation of an offer to sell common stock of Addmaster Corporation or any other securities. This communication is for informational purposes only. The tender offer transaction that commenced on November 4, 2021 by Addmaster Corporation is being made pursuant to an Offer to Purchase, a related Letter of Transmittal and other offer materials mailed by Addmaster Corporation to its shareholders of record as of November 4, 2021. In addition, The offer to purchase shares of Addmaster Corporation's common stock is only being made pursuant to the Offer to Purchase, the Letter of Transmittal and related offer materials mailed to shareholders of record of the Company as of November 4, 2021, in each case, as such materials may be amended from time to time. THE TENDER OFFER MATERIALS (INCLUDING THE OFFER TO PURCHASE, THE RELATED LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL AND OTHER MATERIALS) CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION. PRIOR TO MAKING ANY DECISION REGARDING THE TENDER OFFER, ADDMASTER CORPORATION SHAREHOLDERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO CAREFULLY READ THE OFFER TO PURCHASE, THE RELATED LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL AND OTHER TENDER OFFER MATERIALS, AS EACH MAY BE AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME. Addmaster Corporation shareholders may obtain the Offer to Purchase, the related Letter of Transmittal and other offer tender offer materials free of charge from Georgeson LLC, the information agent for the tender offer, by calling toll-free (800) 457-0759.


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