Add to the Kitti and let your charity-giving reach even further!

Join the community that twins passionate fundraising with any-sized donation.

Adam Shulman and Charles Meek, Kitti's Founders
Adam Shulman and Charles Meek, Kitti's Founders

DALLAS , Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- "Now's the time to reinvent our interpretation of 'giving', and here at Kitti, we believe that if we all simply add to the 'Kitti', we can collectively change the world."

 – Adam Shulman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office at Kitti.

What is Kitti? 

Kitti is your brand-new, community-focused fundraising and donation platform. Providing everyone, no matter where you're located, with the power to raise money for charity. Their mission is to change the way we donate by pairing any-sized contribution with passionate fundraising efforts – simultaneously building an online, supportive network and creating a culture which enables you to boost charity awareness, encourage fundraising missions, and inspire a global message of hope.

Why is Kitti different?

The key ingredient to successful fundraising is understanding that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. The team at Kitti are driving this message through their online community, teaming individual donations into one cumulative effort. From promoting fundraising events to showcasing the positive impact our contributions have, Kitti continuously gives back as you put it.

But that's not all. No longer do you have to single out one charity to support; Kitti allows you to choose how to donate: split a single donation across multiple charities, make a one-off donation, monthly contributions or focus your attention into discovering the fundraising efforts supported across their platform. Kitti isn't just about transferring money into an anonymous bucket; they purposely go the extra mile to showcase fundraising activities linked to your chosen charity, allowing you to meet the people you're supporting, share their message and be a part of their amazing efforts.

Building on the strength of many, Kitti is focused on creating a supportive, online community: "We've seen the spark of excitement when people unite over a cause they're passionate about, and we're determined to highlight the strength and power that comes from individuals working together," said Charlie. "Through this style of fundraising, we can level the playing field for charities so fundraising and donating is accessible to everyone."

Who are Kitti?

Born out of passion to help others, Kitti saw an opportunity to transform how we can work together in a time of need. With the cost of living rising, everyone is looking at ways to save money whilst still trying to support one another. Kitti provides that solution: "We understand times are hard, but we can't deny the buzz that comes from helping someone in need. A good deed encourages another, releases happy endorphins and brings hope to us all. Now more than ever, we want to keep that feeling going and Kitti ensures everyone knows they're a part of an important cause, because they are." the one stop shop for all Charitable and Fundraising Donations the one stop shop for all Charitable and Fundraising Donations

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