I Actually Enjoy Washing My Face Now, All Because of These Super Soft Makeup Towels

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Weezie Makeup Towels
Weezie Makeup Towels

Courtesy Weezie

Call me a hygiene freak, but something that will never stop shaking me to the core is the mere thought of someone accidentally using my face towel to dry their hands. My freshly washed pores? They have no business interacting with a damp towel that's been used recently by anyone other than myself. Face towels often look mighty similar to hand towels, and my finicky skin can't stand taking any chances—which is where my Weezie Makeup Towels provide a gallant save.

Designed to be used only on your face, these makeup towels have totally changed my outlook on the daily chore of washing my face. When paired with my lathery, soothing Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, they actually make me look forward to starting or ending the day with a clean, healthy complexion. Would my sixteen-year-old self have described getting excited over a new pair of face towels "totally lame?" You bet your biscuit, but I have no shame. It's really the small things.

These makeup towels are unique from your basic small bathroom towels in more ways than one. Beyond being elated to finally have a towel that no one—not even the person who you will undoubtedly remind over and over again to no success, such as a spouse, roommate, or blessed child—would get confused with a hand towel ever again, I love how they actually look, feel, and function.

Typically offered as a set of two, each makeup towel is smaller than your average hand towel—appearing more like a washcloth—and features charming embroidery that can be customized to include your name. They're much fluffier than any other towel I've ever used on my face and made with 100% organic cotton, which most dermatologists would commend. (Courser fabric can majorly disrupt and harm your skin barrier.) The Weezie makeup towels are also intentionally made in only a classic navy color for one very smart reason: stains. As someone who often finds a smear of mascara or concealer on the towel even after double-cleansing my face, it's an easy fix to a common issue. Stains aren't as noticeable, and you don't have to worry about frequently putting bleach on something you solely use on your complexion.

All in all, these have quickly become one of my most used and most beloved skin-care products, and I always make sure to have a backup one in the cabinet to switch out every couple days. For something that seems as unimportant as a face towel, I couldn't live without them. Shop the set below.

Weezie Makeup Towels

The cost-per-use for these towels becomes practically null after just weeks, and I’m already considering snagging a second set. Not to mention, they make the perfect birthday or holiday gift.

Shop It: $40; weezie.com