A24's 'The Backrooms' Horror Film Will Be Directed by a 17-Year-Old During Summer Break

Adding to its exciting upcoming lineup, independent entertainment company A24 is now gearing up to deliver The Backrooms. In closer partnership with James Wan’s Atomic Monster, director Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps, and Chernin Entertainment, the film builds on the Internet's unrelenting obsession with creepypasta.

The Backrooms will be a feature film expansion of the popular YouTube video series of the same name by content 17-year-old director and VFX artist, Kane Pixels (Kane Parsons). The series launched just last year focuses on unsettling liminal spaces, often empty, presented as found footage recordings. It is also interesting to note, A24 is offering Kane Pixels the chance to direct the film with a script by DMZ's Roberto Patino. A24 notes that Kane will be directing The Backrooms during his upcoming summer vacation as a "summer job."

Stay tuned for more information regarding A24's The Backrooms set to be directed by Kane Pixels.

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