90-year-old grandma is at a loss for words when she holds newborn great-grandchild: ‘I’m in heaven’

This TikTok parent shared the most heartwarming video of her 90-year-old grandmother meeting her newborn baby!

Alyssa Cole Beseris (@alyssabeseris) is a stay-at-home mom who recently gave birth to her fourth child. Alyssa recorded the heartwarming moment she brought her newborn daughter to meet her grandmother for the first time. In the viral video, which racked up more than 11 million views, the 90-year-old is overcome with emotion as she meets her great-granddaughter for the first time!

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The sweet video begins with a shot of Alyssa’s grandmother lying in bed watching TV. Alyssa carries her newborn into the room and quietly waits for her grandmother to notice her. The moment her grandma spots the baby she hurriedly turns off the television and reaches out her arms.

“Oh!” she exclaims excitedly, as the newborn is placed into her arms. The grandma looks up at the camera in shock as she carefully cradles the baby. Then, she removes her glasses, and moves her face close to the adorable newborn.

The baby sleeps peacefully in Alyssa’s grandma’s arms. Meanwhile, Alyssa’s grandma is overcome with emotion. “Oh,” she says repeatedly, clutching her chest. “I can’t get over it!”

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Then, she looks down and spots the baby’s tiny toes. “Oh! Oh!” she says again, at a loss for words, as she touches the newborn’s feet. “Oh look at the little feet!”

Then, she reaches up and touches the baby’s hands. “Oh, the little hands!” she exclaims. “Oh, she’s such a baby.”

Alyssa’s grandma kisses the baby on the head as Alyssa asks, “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Isn’t she lovely?” Alyssa’s grandma replies. “Teeny little hands!”

“Look how long her fingers are,” Alyssa points out. “I tell you, she’s going to play the piano.”

The video ends with Alyssa’s grandma giving the baby one more kiss on the cheek. “I’m in heaven,” she says. “I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the sweet great-grandma and baby!

“OMG she is too cute!” one viewer wrote.

“Okay, but that’s a precious newborn,” another viewer exclaimed.

“She looks fantastic for 90. I’d never guess she was 90. This is absolutely precious. I love elders with babies,” wrote another TikToker.

Alyssa’s grandma and her newborn certainly shared a sweet moment together!

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