Are ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Stars Yohan and Daniele Still Together? Relationship Details

A chance romance! 90 Day Fiance star Daniele Gates met the 6’7’ hunky fitness instructor, Yohan Geronimo, while walking through the lobby of her hotel in the Dominican Republic — but are they still together? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Yohan and Daniele’s current relationship status. 

How Did Yohan and Daniele Meet?

After a series of failed relationships, Daniele took a five-year break from dating to focus on herself. As the mother of an adult son who “was living his own life,” she took the opportunity to travel and repeatedly visited the Dominican Republic after falling in love with the Caribbean paradise

During the season 2 debut, which premiered on Discovery+ in June 2022, she detailed that on her last trip five months ago, her “life changed forever” after seeing the “most beautiful man she had ever seen” walking through her hotel. 

90 Day Fiance Are Yohan and Daniele Still Together
90 Day Fiance Are Yohan and Daniele Still Together

“When I met Yohan, I felt an instant connection with him,” the yoga teacher told producers. “But it was immediately clear that our relationship would face a lot of challenges.”

One month later, Daniele returned to the D.R. and he proposed. 

Yohan and Daniele Faced Communication Issues

While Daniele and Yohan knew their language barrier would be an issue, she decided to look past it as she felt their “spiritual connection” was strong. However, as they began to plan their future together — questions began to rise. 

“Before this week, we’ve always talked about me moving to the Dominican Republic,” the New York native confessed as their nuptials approached. “But as we get closer, and closer to the wedding, it seems like he’s more and more adamant about him moving to New York City, which makes me really suspicious.” Yohan later revealed to Daniele that he had hoped to move to the U.S. to work and send money back to his family in the D.R.

The couple have also faced issues when it comes to their shared values. In April 2023, fans watched as Daniele and Yohan fought over her spirituality and Yohan's dismissal of a spiritual mentor's advice when it came to their relationship. They were also seen fighting over finances, as the electricity went off in their home and they argued over who should pay the bill.

Where Do Daniele and Yohan Live?

It seems Yohan and Daniele were able to make a compromise, as they are based in the Dominican Republic. Daniele moved from NYC to the Caribbean island in June 2022.

"I’m terrible at goodbyes, especially when I know they’re forever…" she captioned an Instagram Reel featuring her favorite spots in NYC.

However, after the couple returned for season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way in January 2023, it’s clear their differences surrounding where they want to live have only continued. During the spinoff, cameras captured Daniele leaving New York, however, Yohan still believed the couple would “have more opportunities” in the United States.

Meanwhile, Daniele’s friends were equally opposed to her leaving her life in the states for her relationship in the D.R. and accused her new husband of being a “sanky panky” — meaning "a man who works at a resort and is looking for tourists to come and provide them with money, and goods and visas, and take care of them and their families."

Daniele seems to be changing her tune with time, however, even sharing on social media in February 2023 that the Dominican Republic feels far safer to her than New York City.

In May 2023, Daniele confirmed that she’s still living in the Caribbean by sharing a video of herself on a scooter as she explored the area.

Do Daniele and Yohan Have Kids?

While Daniele and Yohan have no children together, she is the mother of an adult son from a previous relationship. 

During the spinoff, Daniele’s friend Sophy visited the couple in the Dominican Republic and asked Yohan if his parents expected grandchildren. While the TLC personality assured her that his parents do expect his wife to produce children, Sophy reminded Yohan that his wife is 42 years old and getting pregnant was more complicated. 

“I really want to have a family with Yohan, but we’ve been trying to get pregnant since we got engaged a year ago and we haven’t been successful,” the New York native said during the March 5, 2023, episode. “We visited a fertility specialist and they said the chance of me getting pregnant naturally was five percent, but Yohan thinks we have much better chances.” 

During the same conversation, Daniele was shocked to find out that Yohan had gotten a woman pregnant before, who then got an abortion.

What Other Problems Have Daniele and Yohan Faced?

Another problem the pair faced was over their differing views on if they can have friends of the opposite gender.

After Yohan expressed his frustration over Daniele not liking that he has female friends, she insisted that he can hang out with other women if she is allowed to have male friends. Daniele then noted that she had plans to see her ex-boyfriend and former professional basketball player, Taylen Alexander.

"It's not important if you want to keep talking to him and want to see him. You are a married woman," Yohan told her. "Your friendship with someone you dated, you can't bring that into this relationship. It's a huge lack of respect from you.”

The couple proceeded to argue after Daniele threw Yohan a birthday party. Captured by the TLC hit, Daniele gave her husband a surprise celebration alongside his family, but the Dominican Republic native did not seem to care for her efforts. Seemingly refusing to thank her for going the extra mile, Yohan said, "I want to thank God for another year of life and this surprise. It's the first birthday where I have all my family together. I have a tear somewhere. Thank you for being here on this special day."

When his father pipped in and told him to thank Daniele, Yohan retorted, "I already thanked her."

Upset over his remarks, Daniele told the cameras, "The fact that he's willing to ignore the fact that I exist in front of his entire family in public is really humiliating."

Yohan met Taylen during the April 30 episode and he made his feelings apparent for his wife’s ex-lover. After sizing him up and comparing shoe sizes, Yohan joked that Daniele liked her men with “big penises.” 

When Yohan pressed his wife harder on the intimacies of her former relationship with the professional athlete, she refused to delve deeper into the topic. The in-person meeting ultimately led to a major blowup between the TLC couple as Daniele felt Yohan didn’t trust her. 

“You want to humiliate me and that’s why you need power. I don’t like that,” Daniele told Yohan as she shed a few tears. “I don’t want to be crying every day because of your insecurity and you need to make me look bad.”

When the pair returned for the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all on May 14, Daniele revealed they were only “technically” still married. 

During part 2 of the special, fellow cast member Jen Boechers friend, Myrah, called out Daniele for “taking away” Yohan’s masculinity throughout the season.

Yohan agreed with Jen’s friend and admitted that his wife liked to “boss around and be controlling.” 

“If he wants to be the patriarch, then he needs to pay all the bills, and I’ll sit down and cook and clean,” Daniele clapped back during the May 21 episode. “I have no problem taking on the housewife role … But you know, I can’t do that and pay all the bills, you have to pick one.” 

Their problems continued to escalate during the May 28 tell-all episode. In a teaser clip shared by Parade, Yohan threatened to end his relationship with Daniele over their trust issues.

"When the lease is up, she goes her way and I go mine," he said, which left the other cast members in shock.

While Daniele theorized that Yohan made the comment because Taylen was present in the conversation, he continued to insist that he was done with their relationship. "I don't want to be with Daniele anymore,” he said. "I don't have the same love for her anymore. The damage is already done.”

"I don't care anymore," Yohan said about Daniele being friends with her exes. "She can have all her friends, she can have all her ex-partners, I don't care anymore."

Several of the show’s stars said Yohan was bluffing, though he insisted his comments were sincere. "I swear on my mother, I'm being serious and not joking,” the reality star said.

"When we started our relationship, I told her, I don't care about your exes. I don't want exes in our relationship because I had a bad experience with an ex in the past," Yohan explained. "For Daniele, it went in one ear and out the other."

In May 2023, Daniele opened up about the "abuse" she's faced throughout their relationship during an Instagram Live video.

“That line, ‘Marriage is hard. Try your best’ … I'm curious as to what people mean when they say that,” she said in a clip shared by blogger Kiki and Kibbitz. “Do you mean tolerate abuse? Do you mean tolerate lying and dishonesty? Do you mean sit in front of your computer all day and work for like 12 and 13 hours while your husband is sitting next to you watching [TV], and then you have to finish working and cook dinner otherwise he'll throw a temper tantrum? Is that what you mean?”

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Yohan and Daniele Still Together?

Despite the ups and downs, the pair made it down the aisle and are still together today. 

The couple tied the knot in November 2021 and recently celebrated their first year of marriage in November 2022. 

“One year of marriage, a lifetime’s worth of learning,” Daniele wrote via Instagram alongside a compilation of memories from their first year together. “Blessed to be able to do this together.”

On social media, the TLC couple continues to show off their adventures together while living on the Caribbean island. 

“Un dia con my love,” Yohan captioned an April 2023 snap of Daniele sitting on his shoulders while standing in crystal blue waters. In the comment section, Daniele responded, “Thank you for such a beautiful day. I couldn’t have a better work or life partner.”