These are the 6 coziest towns in SC, recent ranking says. Have you visited any?


Do you prefer to enjoy cozy winter days in South Carolina? Six towns in the Palmetto State have made the list on a recent report as some of the coziest towns in the country this winter.

The report, recently released by, detailed that six South Carolina towns made the list for the 170 most cozy towns in America this winter.

The study compared these small towns across the following categories: weather, food and activities. In addition, data points such as winter temperature, average snowfall, cafes, bakeries, crafts and bookshops, and other indicators of a cozy small town were also looked at.

According to the report, Pawleys Island, Isle of Palms, Beaufort, Georgetown, Hilton Head Island and Mount Pleasant were regarded as the coziest in South Carolina.

Out of the 170 small towns selected as the coziest in the country, Pawleys Island was ranked as the 58th coziest in the nation, Isle of Palms was 125th, Beaufort was 159th, Georgetown was 162nd, Hilton Head was 166th and Mount Pleasant was ranked as 168th in the country.

These South Carolina towns were ranked in their given order due to their accumulated rankings based on the sum of the scores given by the three categories. The total scores were:

  • Pawleys Island- 58.82

  • Isle of Palms- 40.12

  • Beaufort- 25.21

  • Georgetown- 23.10

  • Hilton Head- 19.85

  • Mount Pleasant- 18.00

According to the report, the top 10 coziest towns in the country this winter are:

  1. Stockholm, Wisconsin

  2. Stowe, Vermont

  3. Stanley, Idaho

  4. Ellicottville, New York

  5. Breckenridge, Colorado

  6. Medora, North Dakota

  7. Lake Placid, New York

  8. Keystone, South Dakota

  9. Mackinac Island, Michigan

  10. Lake George, New York