50 Pictures That Make Me Grin Uncontrollably No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

If every day the world seems like the absolute worst to you, just remember...

1.The Italian sneezes:

2.The important reminders:

3.The bone-chilling chants:

4.The babysitting pro-tips:

5.The thoughtful parents:

6.The very important lessons:

professor teaching his students slang

7.The otherworldly forces:

8.The stunning flowers:

9.The family dinners:

cat family waiting for dinner

10.The carefully named drinks:

11.The incredible investments:

12.The explosive celebrations:

13.The heart- and body-warming blankets:

touching blanket from a deceased husband

14.The intense demands:

15.The deals of a lifetime:

person who gifts a teacher a chair because they are a teacher

16.The cousins from far away:

17.The important instructions:

garbage man who wrote a reminder to wave to a window

18.The surprise children:

story about someone meeting children

19.The prime times:

20.The tiny little touches:

21.The thoughtful insects:

story about bees being polite

22.The expert opinions:

23.The technicalities:

24.The wholesome deception:

A person with the day off pretending they have to go to work and decided to stay home because their pets persuaded them

25.The delivery serendipity:

person who gifts delivery food to someone

26.The clutch moves:

27.The attention to detail:

someone trying to make a realistic yeti costume who needs to the fur to be believable

28.The comforting birds:

parrot who is good at conflict deescalation

29.The fantastic sayings:

polish man who says the child must not be an obstacle after asking if a kid will be upset wiith loud noise

30.The tight-knit families:

kid who calls the babysitter family

31.The disc memories:

touching memory to a deceased disc player

32.The perfect synonyms:

tweet reading my bf's first language is french and he forgot the word for lid so instead held up a pot and asked where is his hat

33.The "wastes" of money:

a person bought a $900 wedding cake and had a cake fight with his brother but he doesn't regret it because his brother died shortly after

34.The little baby olives:

a woman complimented a waiter about the olive oil at a restaurant and it turned out the waiter and his family grew the olives and made the oil

35.The calls out of the blue:

tweet about a person getting a random call from a baby they dont know

36.The horse pirates:

tweet reading someone in my norwegian class didn't know the word for cowboys so called them american horse pirates

37.The balloon kindness:

Someone ordered balloons that said, "Fuck cancer" and the company ordering them refunded them and offered to use the money for a cake

38.The study pizzas:

a person studying at a restaurant they work at was giving small pizzas to snack on

39.Those chance encounters:

a text from a person who was incorrectly dialed saying that hearing "hey mom" made her day because she recently lost her daughter

40.The neighbors with infinite kindness:

cardboard placed over an open sunroof to avoid rain

41.All the goldfish rescue crews:

people on a train trying to save a goldfish that fell out of a bag of water

42.The dads trying their best:

dad baked a cake for kid after mother, who normally did it, died

43.The kindness of Willie:

truck announcing the news their daughter found a kidney

44.The 20 years of luck:

four-leaf clover that a dad had in his wallet for 20 years

45.The people who help others:

table full of goodies for USPS workers

46.The kind notes:

note from a restaurant offering free food

47.The perfect gifts:

tweet reading When my son was born, i created an email address for him.Every achievement and photo taken is sent to that email.When he is old enough, he will get the password and will have all those memories.

48.The practical jokes:

tweet reading Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic!

49.The lifelong friendships:

someone fixed a pigeon's wing and now the pigeon and his girlfriend live at the person's house

50.And the well wishes from the past:

dollar bill that says good luck from 1997

Thank you, rando from 1997.