The 50 Best Turtle Names to Call Your Reptile

Jennifer Aldrich
·1 min read

Pet ownership has surged in the past year. But it's not just pandemic puppies and kittens that people are welcoming into their homes. Owners are also looking to add not-so furry friends to the family, including turtles. According to Pinterest 2021 trends report, searches for "tortoise food" increased 95%. Maybe you already have a few cats and dogs at home, or perhaps you're just interested in scaly creatures. Whatever the reason is, a turtle will be an excellent addition to your crew. After you've done the proper research and adopted your reptile, you're going to need to give them a name.

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The 50 Best Turtle Names

These fun names, many of which come from pop culture, are perfect for your pet. (You'll also notice some punny options, too.) If you're struggling to choose the right one, go through every option, make a smaller list, and say them all out loud. It will help you decide which option is perfect for your pet.

  1. Alfie

  2. Bentley

  3. Blastoise

  4. Bolt

  5. Bowser

  6. Bubbles

  7. Burt

  8. Caroline

  9. Cecil

  10. Coco

  11. Crush

  12. Donatello

  13. Doris

  14. Ella

  15. Flip

  16. Flippers

  17. Franklin

  18. Gator

  19. Howard

  20. Leonardo

  21. Lightening

  22. Madge

  23. Michelangelo

  24. Olive

  25. Otto

  26. Peach

  27. Penelope

  28. Raphael

  29. Ripley

  30. Sammy

  31. Sandy

  32. Shelby

  33. Sheldon

  34. Shelly

  35. Slash

  36. Slick

  37. Snapper

  38. Speed

  39. Spotty

  40. Squirt

  41. Squirtle

  42. Talula

  43. Tank

  44. Toby

  45. Trixie

  46. Tuck

  47. Turbo

  48. Venus

  49. Wartortle

  50. Zoom