The 5 weirdest moments of the Biden-Putin summit

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President Biden's bilat with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday seemed to go relatively well, all things considered. Still, even a meeting on the world's stage is bound to have its fair share of interesting quirks. Check out a few of the summit's most notable moments below.

In the latest installment of "Who is in charge of White House gift giving?" Biden reportedly presented Putin with custom Randolph USA aviators and a crystal sculpture of an American bison, the national mammal of the United States, Axios reports.

There's no word as to what the president may have received from Putin, who shared some ... pretty depressing thoughts in his press conference following the leaders' roughly four-hour meeting.

And speaking of press conferences, Biden's wasn't exactly devoid of strange moments, either. For starters, he "mistakenly" referred to Putin as former President Donald Trump before quickly correcting himself.

He also terrifyingly joked he would "invade Russia." Good one ...

And, in what Vox's Aaron Rupar very astutely dubbed a replica of the popular 'Deal With It' gif, Biden, at one point, completely avoided answering a question by slowly donning his aviators and saying, "Thank you very much."

After what was sure to be a long day, Biden ended his presser, but not before a rather tense exchange with CNN's Kaitlan Collins. Read more at The Week.

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