49ers lose Brock Purdy to elbow injury on lost fumble

The Philadelphia Eagles were winning on the scoreboard early Sunday at the Linc.

Their coaches were also ahead of the game when it came to decisions.

The 49ers failed to challenge a 29-yard reception by DeVonta Smith that looked like the Eagles receiver lost control of the ball as he hit the ground.

Then, Haaron Reddick, who has been nothing short of a menace to quarterbacks all season, separated the football from Brock Purdy.

The play was first ruled incomplete but Nick Sirianni threw the red challenge flag.

After a review, the officials said Purdy had fumbled the football, and the Eagles’ made a clear recovery.

What was of greater concern is Purdy injured his elbow and was unable to throw the football on the sidelines.

Josh Johnson had to come into the game after Purdy’s first lost fumble.

Johnson defines journeyman as this is his 13th team.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire