4 genius back-to-school TikTok hacks to make parenting life easier

Lauren Clutter (@lauren.clutter) is a parent who shares useful parenting hacks on TikTok. She shared 4 back-to- school hacks perfect for parents who are short on time. 1. Plan outfits in advance. First, to save time in the mornings, Lauren recommends planning your child’s outfits for the week ahead of time. 2. Prepare lunch in bulk. To make bulk sandwich preparation easier, Lauren places 9 miniature burger buns on her kitchen counter, and adds toppings to all of the buns at once. 3. Label your child’s belongings. “Use iron-on labels for kids jackets, lunch boxes, etc.,” Lauren writes, showing how she affixes labels with her child’s name onto their clothes in case they get misplaced at school. 4. Trace your child’s foot before shopping for shoes. Finally, Lauren shares an ingenious hack for shoe shopping. This hack is ideal for any parent who has been struggling to find a time to take their child shopping for new shoes

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