36 Years Later, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Is Getting a Spinoff

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ferris-bueller - Credit: Allstar Picture Library Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo
ferris-bueller - Credit: Allstar Picture Library Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

No need to take attendance: several generations of film lovers will likely tune into this one. Thirty-six years after its release, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is getting a spinoff, Variety reports.

The new film, titled Sam and Victor’s Day Off, will be released by Paramount Pictures and is being led by Jon Hurwtiz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, who created Cobra Kai, the successful spinoff series of 1984’s Karate Kid.

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The Ferris revisit will follow the previously-unnamed valets who took Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari on a drive on the same day Ferris (Matthew Broderick), Cameron (Alan Ruck), and Sloane (Mia Sara) skipped school, according to the outlet.

Sam and Victor, who were left unnamed in the original movie, were played by Richard Edson and Larry “Flash” Jenkins, who died in 2019.

Bill Posley has been tapped to write the film. Dina Hillier will executive produce, while Paul Young, Hurwitz, Schlossberg, and Heald will produce the spinoff.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was added to the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry in 2014. The movie was one of the most successful films the year it released, grossing $70 million. Ferris is credited with launching the careers of Broderick, Ruck, and Jennifer Grey, who played Ferris’ sister.

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