35 Things That Women Now Between The Ages Of 37–46 Used To Do In The Late ‘90s

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1.Having these as your go-to shoes for EVERYTHING...

Steve Madden slides on a faux fur carpet

2....and Candies as your go-to party shoes (even if you did sound like a Clydesdale whenever you wore them):

Candies slides heals with wooden heals
Jlsobush/ poshmark.com

3.Carrying around a JanSport backpack at school that you customized with Sharpies or Wite-Out pens and maybe even patches.

Black JanSport backpack

4.Also carrying around a day planner that you really only used to store wallet-size photos given to you by friends:

Day planner on table opened to the first page

5.Decorating the inside of your locker and the cover of your folders with these stickers:

Sparkly hot pink winky cat sticker

6.Wanting these oh-so-Y2K-futuristic lava lamps to decorate your bedroom with:

Two lava lamps that look like rockets

7.Also wanting a 13-inch TV with the built-in VCR for your room ('cause that was LUX)...

A Sharp TV-VCR TV with a Disney movie playing

8....and a VTech cordless phone — with your own personal line:

A purple see-through cordless phone

9.Buying random unauthorized biographies about your favorite celebs because that was really the only way you could learn about them — although most of the time, there was never new info in them:

Leo DiCaprio unauthorized bio book

10.Buying magazines dedicated to just one celeb so that you could cut out the pictures and decorate your room with them:

A pile of Leonardo DiCaprio magazines
sam49d/ ebay.com

11.Sponge-painting your bedroom or bathroom and having some seriously questionable results:

Screenshot of woman sponge-painting a room gold
TheWoolieCompany/ youtube.com

12.Thinking celestial pattern decor was just so cool and grown up:

A celestial pattern photo frame
lostinthelurch/ etsy.com

13.Having a desk drawer or shoebox full of film developing envelopes stuffed with old photos you either didn't care too much for or didn't like:

A pile of film developing envelopes piled onto each other

14.Being obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger because of Aaliyah's iconic Tommy campaign:

Screenshot of Aaliyah in the Tommy Hilfiger commercial
Aaliyah Archives/ Tommy Hilfiger/ youtube.com

15.Having an ~era~ where you did nothing but listen to Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill over and over:

Fiona Apple
Bob Berg / Getty Images, Anthony Barboza / Getty Images

16.Switching out your beeper cases to match your outfits:

A hot pink beeper with lime green case
Getty Images

17.Calling your parents collect to come pick you up from somewhere — because you didn't have any change — and quickly delivering the message in the part where you were supposed to say your name:

David Arquette in ATT collect call commercial

"You have a collect call from — Ashley at the mall! — will you accept the charges?"

Erik Martin/ youtube.com

18.Owning at least one Beanie Baby whether you collected them or not:

Tie-dyed Beanie Baby

EVERYONE owned a Beanie Baby.


19.Knowing that whenever you wore your carpenter jeans, its hammer loop would get caught on something at some point:

Lee Carpenter jeans folded on a table
Lost Boy Vintage/ etsy.com

20.Feeling like you were going to break your ankles whenever you wore platform sneakers:

Navy blue Skeechers platform sneakers

21.Having this as the hairstyle you wanted for any type of formal event:

Kirsten Dunst with a messy up do hair style and butterfly clip in hair
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty

22.And, of course, wearing a pashmina to any type of formal event:

Crop of Neve Campbell attending the premiere of her new movie "Drowning Mona" February 28, 2000 wearing a yellow pashmina
Brenda Chase / Getty Images

23.Leaving body glitter on everything (but mainly on your bathroom counters and floors) any time you wore it:

A stack of 3 cases of body glitter

24.Having Gap perfumes as your go-to daily perfume:

Heaven, Grass, and Dream Gap perfumes
The Gap

25.And Bath & Body Works sprays as your backup at school scent:

Collection of four different Bath & Body Works Body Splashes

26.Ordering magazines from Publishers Clearing House that you then would never pay for:

Publishers Clearing House magazine stamps page

27.And ordering CDs from Columbia House or BMG that you then would never pay for:

BMG ordering form

28.Having a CD tower in the corner of your room displaying all your CDs (and you would always put your favorite CDs on the top):

An empty metal CD tower
Ultradealstore/ ebay.com

29.Having your floor look like this whenever you made a mixtape:

CDs spread all over the floor
Erik Martin/ youtube.com

30.Running home from school to catch TRL (had to know where your favorite video placed):

Opening of TRL

31.Being super careful when handling your portable CD player because you knew it wouldn't survive a drop:

A silver Sony Discman

32.Being obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Buffy Cast photo from second season
Sony Television / Getty Images

33....and debating over who Buffy should choose: Angel or Spike?

  Frank Ockenfels/Online USA / Getty Images, Online USA / Getty Images
Frank Ockenfels/Online USA / Getty Images, Online USA / Getty Images

34.Having your entire bathroom smell like Herbal Essences any time you used it in the shower:

Herbal Essences pink bottle

Which was EVERY TIME you showered!


35.And finally, being completely obsessed with Titanic:

Leo DiCaprio kissing Kate Winslet's hand in Titanic

Also, immediately buying the movie when it came out on VHS.

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection