32 Times Tumblr Users Described The Strangest And Funniest Dreams You've Ever Heard

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1.This strange Wii game:

2.This Ryan Reynolds interaction that I fully believe actually happened:

3.This important movie pitch:

4.This premonition:

5.This celebrity cameo:

6.This philosophical dog:

7.This unaired Keeping Up with the Kardashians scene:

8.This incredible fantasy:

9.This Bond movie that I am begging someone to actually make:

10.This dark take on "I'm lovin' it":

11.This practical behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars:

12.This nightmare that's making me reevaluate existence:

13.This Avengers pun:

14.This excellent joke:

15.This image that's the peak of comedy:

16.This hot new meme:

17.This new meme that's bullying me:

18.This Hogwarts horror movie:

19.This new marketing campaign:

20.This fresh lingo:

21.This great joke featuring the lead singer of Green Day:

22.This unaired Great British Bake-Off scene:

23.This Pokémon-esque Tumblr update:

24.This interior design dream that could be a nightmare depending on how much you hate awkward situations:

25.This great tattoo goof that I'm considering doing:

26.This Jonas nightmare:

27.This emo bang donation:

28.This great movie idea that already has a tagline:

29.This high honor:

30.This incredible ideal for the next hit YA novel:

31.This logical reasoning:

32.And finally, a long list of dreams that I really wish I had explanations for:

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