32 Cringey Celeb Tweets I Genuinely Cannot Believe They Haven't Deleted Yet

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1.Nicki Minaj's original testicle tweet:

2.Ashanti's fart conundrum:

3.Seth Rogen response to his mom's cameltoe issue:

4.Ludacris's orgasm inquiry:

5.Harry Styles' burning balls:

6.Kourtney Kardashian's question about ant anatomy:

7.Cardi B's question about ant excrement:

8.Kris Jenner feeling full of meat:

9.Kris Jenner's iconic shart tweet:

10.Lil Jon's poop emergency:

11.Jessica Simpson's extremely swollen feet:

12.Ryan Reynolds' missing testicles:

13.Frankie Muniz's sad reality:

14.Another awkward Seth Rogen mom tweet:

15.Meghan Trainor's tweets about pooping together with her husband:

16.Chris Pratt shoving yogurt up his ass:

17.Cher's Madonna b-day celebration:

18.Kevin Durant's first tweet about farting while getting a massage:

19.Kevin Durant's second tweet about farting while getting a massage:

20.Niall Horan calling out Liam Payne for his nasty farts:

21.Rita Ora's general flatulence:

22.Jaden Smith's education rant:

23.Kesha peeing on the street?:

24.Diddy's 36-hour tantric sex session:

diddy says for all those just tuning in. I'm 6 and a half hrs in on a 36 hour tantric sex session. welcome

25.Mary J. Blige's "intelligence" spelling problem:

Twitter: @maryjblige

26.And then her humble tweet about her learning experience:

27.Joel Osteen's tweet about rubbing one out:

Twitter: @joeosteen

28.Jessica Simpson's ball sack gym tweet:

Twitter: @jessicasimpson

29.Bebe Rexha's tweet about 1940s Paris:

Twitter: @beberexha

30.And her apology afterward:

31.Lindsay Lohan calling out someone named "Goose":

Twitter: @lindsaylohan

32.And last but not least, Melania Trump wondering what this whale is thinking: