31 TV Scenes That Were So Devastating In 2021, We're Still Crying Just Thinking About Them

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV moments from 2021 were the most heartbreaking. Here are some of the best responses:

There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for a lot of TV shows. And #1 mentions suicide.

1.First, on Ted Lasso, when Ted had a panic attack before Rebecca's dad's funeral and he opened up to Dr. Sharon about his own father's death.

Ted telling Sharon he didn't attend his father's funeral because "he quit on his family. He quit on himself"

"There was an emotional build up all this season, especially after Ted told Dr. Sharon about his dad’s suicide when he was a teenager. But for me, the gut punch was his panic attack before Rebecca’s dad’s funeral where he told Dr. Sharon he didn’t go to the his own dad’s funeral because of how angry he was at him for quitting on his family. The raw emotion and pain from someone who was desperately trying to hold it together was heartbreaking."


Apple TV+

2.On Station 19, when Carina grieved Andrew's death and Maya offered to take some of her pain away.

Maya telling Carina to give her the part that stings the most

"Watching Carina grieve Andrew broke my heart in a million pieces."



3.And on Station 19, when Dean shockingly died after a house exploded near him, and he left his daughter Prue to Ben and Miranda.

Travis telling Vic that there was a second explosion

"It was so unexpected and just tragic. He was my favorite character. It also breaks my heart to see that Ben and Miranda are going to have to fight for custody of Dean's daughter because his parents won't honor his wishes."



4.On 9-1-1: Lone Star, when Tommy found Charles after he died and she asked paramedics not to use sirens so they wouldn't wake up her chidlren.

Tommy on the phone with first responders saying that Charles is already dead and introducing herself

"I sobbed during that episode. Tommy telling dispatch no sirens so her girls wouldn't be woken up was heartbreaking."



5.On Outer Banks, when Sarah Cameron watched Ward's boat explode and broke down in tears.

Sarah falling to her knees and crying

"Madelyn Cline did such an amazing job acting this moment, it still gives me chills just thinking about it. Even though we find out Ward is actually alive, Sarah's honest reaction in this episode was devastating."



6.On WandaVision, when Wanda couldn't feel Vision anymore.

Wanda repeating, "I can't feel you"

"I cry just thinking about it."


Marvel / Disney+

7.And on WandaVision, when Wanda found the deed to the house Vision bought before he died.

Wanda reading the deed that says "To grow old in" and weeping

"This was just heartbreaking."


Marvel / Disney+

8.Also on WandaVision, when Wanda said goodbye to Billy and Tommy before they disappeared after she took down the Hex.

Wanda saying, "Boys, thanks for choosing me to be your mom"

"Elizabeth Olsen is an amazing actor and this had me sobbing. It was such a heartbreaking scene because after she had gone through everything in the previous few episodes, she still ended up losing them."


Marvel / Disney+

9.On The Resident, when Conrad made the decision to take Nic off life support after a car accident left her brain-dead.

Conrad taking off Nic's wedding ring as she's wielded to an operating room

"We watched four seasons of her and Conrad’s budding love story only for her to die three episodes after she had a baby. Also, the hallway scene with 'Iris' playing was beautiful because it's what Emily VanCamp named her daughter IRL."



10.On Maid, when Regina dropped off Alex and Maddy at the domestic violence shelter.

Alex sobbing while carrying Maddy

"Alex was holding Maddy while bawling her eyes out because she couldn’t take Sean's abuse anymore. It breaks my heart whenever I watch it. Alex deserved so much better."



11.On The Good Doctor, when Lea dealt with pregnancy complications that ultimately led to her and Shaun losing their baby.

Suggested by: elise1617

Suggested by: elise1617


12.On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, when Bucky told Sam that he was worried Steve was wrong about him.

Bucky telling Sam, "And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me"

Suggested by: clumsyfoo94

Marvel / Disney+

13.On Lucifer, when Trixie asked Lucifer if Dan was really dead because she knew he wouldn't lie to her.

Trixie begging Lucifer, "Please tell me it's not true, Lucifer" and sobbing

"I'm welling up now just thinking about it."



14.And on Lucifer, when Lucifer said goodbye to Chloe and returned to hell to help other souls during the series finale.

Chloe telling Lucifer to close his eyes and that she'll always be with him, not matter where they go

"Watching Lucifer grow was beautiful and tragic. The whole time he was obsessed with protecting Chloe, but by the end of the show he decided helping people is more important. Watching him make this decision and saying goodbye to everyone was so devastating. However, I'm glad how everything ended, it was a perfect series finale."



15.On Manifest, when Grace was stabbed by Angelina after she broke in the house and kidnapped Eden.

Grace telling an adult Cal to take care of everyone, and Cal saying he loves her

"There was so much that happened in that episode, but that end scene breaks my heart."


NBC / Netflix

16.On Wynonna Earp, when Wynonna and Doc heartbreakingly said goodbye to each other before he decided to leave Purgatory.

Wynonna telling Doc she's sorry, and Doc saying "I wouldn't change a note"

"It ends happy and hopeful for them, but watching Melanie Scrofano sob while the car drove away absolutely broke me. Also just saying goodbye to those characters in general."



17.On Kevin Can F**k Himself, when Allison revealed to Patty how much Kevin has taken away from her over the years.

Allison saying that the world revolves around Kevin and he took everything that was just hers away

"This scene shows the audience why Allison has come to the point of killing her husband, Kevin. Annie Murphy was so good in this moment too."



18.On You, when Joe drugged and killed Love and the scene was set to Taylor Swift's "Exile."

Exile by Taylor Swift playing as Joe drags Love's body

"That song is already so sad and i really thought she was gonna be the one to make it out alive. The scene combined with the song just made me realize how Love's demise was always bound to happen sooner or later. She was doomed from the moment she met Joe."—laurengarafano


19.On Squid Game, when Ali realized that Sang-woo had stolen his marbles, so he couldn't move on to the next game.

Ali opening his marble bag and finding rocks




20.And on Squid Game, when Ji-yeong let Sae-byeok win the marble game and then thanked Sae-byeok for playing with her.

Ji-yeong telling Sae-byeok "Thank you for playing with me"

Suggested by: hcpsbergerwg


21.On Mare of Easttown, when Zabel was suddenly and tragically shot after he and Mare finally found where Katie and Missy were being held.

Mare saying "Zabel" before he's shot

"OMG, still not over it."



22.On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when Tokyo had to be left behind and died while protecting Denver, Manila, Rio, and the rest of the group.

Denver telling Tokyo, "Listen to me. I already lost my dad in a heist. I'm not gonna lose my sister too"

"She was surrounded, shot multiple times, and knew she wouldn’t get out alive. Then, she managed to tell The Professor, 'You've always been my guardian angel, now it's my turn to be yours.' Her death was heartbreaking from start to finish, she did not deserve to go out like that."



23.On 9-1-1, when everyone stood outside the hospital and held hands while David operated on a patient, in the dark, after an explosion.

Athena and Michael holding hands

"I think I used all the tissues in the house ugly crying long after the episode ended."



24.On Pose, when Ricky found Pray Tell's body and then Blanca screamed in the hospital after learning about Pray's death.

Ricky telling Blanca, "They tried everything"

Suggested by: desi_dukes


25.On Dopesick, when the Sheriff showed up on the porch and told Diane that Betsy had died of an overdose.

An officer telling Diane, "I'm so sorry" and her screaming and crying

"This was after Diane told her daughter she wanted her to get well, and get a girlfriend so she could make dinner for both of them. I cried so hard."



26.On The Blacklist, when Elizabeth was suddenly shot and killed while she was talking to Red.

Red holding Elizabeth

"Don’t get me wrong, I was getting super over Elizabeth, but I was not expecting that last scene of the season. Then to have to sit there and watch Red be devastated and realize that everything he did to protect her was pointless…I teared up. Good job Blacklist for getting me invested again."



27.On Dickinson, when Sue begged Emily to want her back and the scene took place at the orchard from the very first episode.

Sue telling Emily that she's tired of waiting around for her and she wants her to want her back

"This scene was a gut-punch, but was so important to Emily and Sue's journey together. God, I got so emotional watching it for the first time and still get teary-eyed when I rewatch it."


Apple TV+

28.On It's a Sin, when Gloria's family burns all of his possessions after he died, including a Christmas card from his friends that didn't make it in time.

A large bonfire that is burning a mattress, clothing, and photos




29.On Midnight Mass, when Riley rowed Erin out into the middle of the ocean and she was forced to watch him burn up in the sun.

Riley telling Erin he loves her and he did his best before he burns up in the sun and Erin screams

"Midnight Mass gutted me when Riley died. So sudden, beautiful, and horrifying all at once. A scene I will never forget. Erin’s screams carrying on as the credits rolled was intense. The music, the visuals, OMG. Just heart-wrenching."



30.On The Flash, when Cisco said goodbye to Team Flash before moving away.

<div><p>"He was hands down the best and funniest character the show had ever seen."</p><p>—<a href="https://www.buzzfeed.com/artistical_rose" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:artistical_rose" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">artistical_rose</a></p></div><span> The CW</span>

"He was hands down the best and funniest character the show had ever seen."


The CW

31.And finally, on The Handmaid's Tale, when Alma and Brianna were shockingly hit by a train just when they were inches from escaping Gilead.

The Handmaid&#39;s running down a road towards the train tracks

"They were literally steps from freedom!"



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