3-year-old who's been baking with mom since infancy shocks TikTok with her skills

This little girl’s mom has been teaching her how to bake since she was only one year old, and now she’s practically a professional!. They say you have to start them young, which is exactly what TikToker and cake artist (@thecakinggirl) did with her daughter, Ellis. She posted a video to TikTok to share how Ellis’ baking started and how it’s going now. The clip begins with footage of one-year-old Ellis in a sling strapped to her mom’s chest. Fast forward two years, and now three-year-old Ellis is a cake boss in her own right. Sporting a precious t-shirt and a laser focus, Ellis carefully rolls and cuts out elaborate fondant shapes. Viewers were amazed by the three-year-old’s baking skills

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