28 Helpful Guides To Life Hacks, Common Knowledge, And Random Knowledge

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Have you ever come across a particularly mind-blowing guide that was so cool it made you think, "Wow, wish I'd known about this sooner?"

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Well, there are an endless number of them floating around out there in ye olde internet, and some of the best ones can be found on Reddit's r/coolguides. So, I decided to round up some of the most popular ones that just might make you a little smarter or, heck, even save your life. Check it out:

1. Like this guide that's useful for those who are a little out of touch with what the kids are saying these days:

2. This guide that will make you think, "Huh. Didn't know that had a name!"

3. This guide that's handy for people who love to cook and maybe only have the basic spices in their pantry:

The image above is a little hard to read, so here's the text:

Indian: Turmeric + cumin + coriander + mustard + chile powder

Vietnamese: Star anise + cinnamon + garlic, ginger, lime, mint

Italian: Oregano + thyme + garlic powder + fresh rosemary and basil

Mediterranean: Cumin + coriander + chile powder + paprika + parsley, garlic, red onion

Mexican: Chile powder + cumin + oregano + cayenne + fresh peppers, onion

Basic BBQ Dry Rub: Paprika + cayenne + thyme + chile powder + garlic powder + brown sugar

Chili, Soups, & Stews: Garlic powder + cumin + oregano + chile powder + paprika + cayenne

Cajun: Cayenne + paprika + oregano + thyme + mustard

4. This visual explainer you should consult before painting a room:

5. This guide that isn't just helpful, but also trying to break a stigma:

6. This guide to get your perfect gallery wall:

7. This guide that will low-key blow your mind, unless, of course, you already knew all this (smarty-pants):

8. This guide that breaks down the simple, yet convoluted British Isles name system:

9. This guide that'll help out the tech savvy folks who wanna save a buck (or hundreds):

10. This guide that will make you an expert googler:


12. This nifty trick to remembering this word problem:

13. This all-encompassing bed size guide:

14. This helpful chart you can use at your next family gathering:

15. This life-hack guide to happiness:

16. This important life-saving guide:

17. And this one too:

18. This interesting cat mood guide:

19. This guide that's helpful for pupper parents:

20. This guide to light temperature:

21. This interesting tattoo pain guide:

22. This GTK types of onions guide:

23. This guide to wine sweetness:

24. This simple guide for making your perfect cookie:

25. This guide that'll make your home just a little happier:

26. This guide that's helpful to people in the US:

27. This diagram that'll really make you think:

28. And finally, this guide that isn't necessarily a hack or helpful, but is REALLY CUTE AND INTERESTING: