27-Year-Old Son of Cancer Survivor Dies of Heart Issue on 102-Mile Bike Ride to Benefit Cancer Research

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Mason Fisher
Mason Fisher

Mason Fisher/Facebook Mason Fisher

An Ohio State University student died after experiencing a medical emergency during a 102-mile charity bike ride to raise funds for cancer research.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the family of Mason Fisher said the 27-year-old suffered a heart-related medical issue after riding 100 miles of the Pelotonia bicycle ride event on Saturday.

Cancer was an important issue for Fisher, whose mother is a survivor of the disease, according to the Dispatch. His last words to her were, "I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Mom," the outlet reported.

Pelotonia specializes in events that raise money for cancer research. Saturday's bike ride raised more than $13 million thanks to the nearly 6,500 riders who participated, the Dispatch reported.

On his Pelontonia profile, Fisher said he was participating in the Columbus bike ride in memory of his friend Henry, who died of colorectal cancer last year. The profile shows Fisher raised $22,187 for cancer research in 2022.

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"This is why I will be riding with the Spin Doctors in Pelotonia," wrote Fisher. "For the loved ones we have lost, for those that continue to fight, and for those that will fight in the future. Every penny donated will go straight to this fight against cancer and will improve outcomes for all those affected."

Pelotonia's CEO, Doug Ulman, praised Fisher for his "giving spirit."

"Yesterday we suffered a tremendous loss. Mason Fisher, a three-time Pelotonia rider and active member of our community, experienced a medical event while participating in the 102-mile ride and later passed away," Ulman said, per Pelotonia's website.

"It is with profound sorrow that we share this tragedy with you today," he continued. "His giving spirit and dedication to helping others were evident to all and this loss affects the entire Pelotonia community."

A friend told the Dispatch that Fisher was studying to become a surgeon in school and that he "filled the room up with love."

Ohio State University President Kristina M. Johnson issued a statement through Pelotonia, commending Fisher for his selflessness.

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"We are heartbroken by the loss of Mason, who was selflessly riding in Pelotonia to help cancer patients — a cause he was personally connected to," she wrote on the organization's website. "The death of a student impacts the entire Buckeye Family and I know that all of us send our deepest expressions of sympathy to his parents, family, and friends."

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In an interview with CBS affiliate WBNS, a family member said helping others was important to Fisher.

"I mourn for the loss experienced by all those who were blessed to know him, and for all his future patients whose lives he had yet to touch," they said. "He set the example to which every physician should aspire. He spent his last day serving others yet again."