25 more movies we hope to see in 2022

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After Yang
After Yang

The A.V. Club’s list of of our 25 most-anticipated movies of 2022 doesn’t account for everything we’re hoping to see this year. Here are 25 more films, in no particular order, that just might make it to audiences in 2022. None currently have a release date. Some almost surely will open in 2023. All sound unmissable.

Ana de Armas is the legendary Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s reportedly transgressive biopic Blonde. Daniel Craig returns as folksy master detective Benoit Blanc in Rian Johnson’s star-studded, as-yet-untitled sequel to Knives Out. As its title hints, Prey is a prequel to Predator, set thousands of years in the past and directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane). The Raid’s Gareth Evans gets his awe-inspiring ultra-violence on again with Havoc, starring Tom Hardy as a detective desperately scrambling to survive after a drug deal gone wrong.

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Months before A.V. Club favorite The Souvenir: Part II premiered to raves at Cannes, Joanna Hogg reunited with Tilda Swinton for the secretly shot family drama The Eternal Daughter. Swinton will also appear in The End, a sci-fi musical from Act Of Killing director Joshua Oppenheimer, and in George Miller’s first film since Fury Road, the fantasy romance Three Thousand Years Of Longing. Noah Baumbach marries his caustic wit to White Noise, Don DeLillo’s post-modern tale of academia and toxic air pollution. James Gray (The Immigrant, The Lost City Of Z) returns to the Queens of his childhood for the semi-autobiographical Armageddon Time. For her first movie in nearly a decade, actress-turned-director Sarah Polley (Stories We Tell) adapts the acclaimed bestseller Women Talking. Richard Linklater applies the rotoscope animation style of Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly to see what kids were doing during the moon landing in Apollo 10 1/2.

David Cronenberg goes all the way back to his sci-fi horror roots with Crimes Of The Future, which shares a name (though possibly not a premise) with his little-seen college thesis film. Another famous David, last name Fincher, reunites with the writer of Seven for The Killer, starring Michael Fassbender as a conflicted assassin. The Fits filmmaker Anna Rose Holmer is back with God’s Creatures, co-directed with Saela Davis and starring Emma Watson as an Irish mother who lies to protect her son. Brendan Fraser’s career revival continues with a starring role as a 600-pound man searching for his estranged son in Darren Aronfsky’s The Whale. Columbus director Kogonada casts Colin Farrell as a father fixing his family’s broken android in After Yang.

Hereditary and Midsommar director Ari Aster pivots to “nightmare comedy” with his latest, Disappointment Blvd., starring Joaquin Phoenix. Also trying his hand at genre-inflected comedy is Corey Finley, who chases Bad Education with the sci-fi YA adaptation Landscape With Invisible Hand. Yorgos Lanthimos’ follow-up to The Favourite, Poor Things, casts Emma Stone as a woman whose brain is replaced by that of her unborn child. Decision To Leave is a new mystery from The Handmaiden and Oldboy director Park Chan-wook. The great French filmmaker Claire Denis reportedly has two films in the can: The Stars At Noon, starring Margaret Qualley as an American journalist who falls into a romance during the Nicaraguan Revolution of 1984, and Fire, a love triangle starring Juliette Binoche.

Kelly Reichardt, director of our favorite movie of 2020, will reunite with Michelle Williams in Showing Up. Wes Anderson, director of our favorite movie of 2021, will reunite with a bunch of his regulars (and also add Tom Hanks to the mix) with Asteroid City. And Martin Scorsese, director of our favorite movie of 2019, will reunite with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro for Killers Of The Flower Moon.