21 Times Movies Broke The Fourth Wall And It Was Super Funny, Clever, Or Actually Kind Of Disturbing

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A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite fourth wall breaks in TV and film — here are some of their favorite movie examples!*

*With a few of mine added in.

1.At the end of Psycho, when Norman looks at the camera during the line "she wouldn't even harm a fly":

Paramount Pictures

2.In Young Frankenstein, when the little girl the monster was playing with asked what else they should throw in the water, and the monster looked into the camera (as the audience knew she was going to be thrown in next, based on the original Frankenstein):

the girl asks "what shall we throw in now?" and the monster looks at the camera

"The whole movie's full of goofy moments, but that's my favorite fourth-wall break."


20th Century Fox

3.In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, when the camera shattered a window while panning into a room:

glass shatters as a woman in the bath looks up and sees the camera has broken through her window
20th Century Fox

4.And when Robin pulled out the script after he lost the archery match:

Robin Hood saying he wasn't supposed to lose and asking the see the script before pulling it out


20th Century Fox

5.In Spaceballs, when Dark Helmet accidentally killed a cameraman during his lightsaber battle with Lone Star:

Dark Helmet lunging and killing a cameraman
MGM/UA Communications Co.

6.And when it seemed the heroes had been captured, but actually it was just their stunt doubles:

guard realizing they've captured the stunt doubles, not the actual heroes
MGM/UA Communications Co.

7.And also when Dark Helmet watched a copy of Spaceballs:

Dark Helmet asks how there can be a copy of Spaceballs if they're still making it, then they pull out a copy of the film and watch it, and see themselves watching the film on the TV
MGM/UA Communications Co.

8.In Trading Places, when Eddie Murphy looked right into the camera while pretending to be interested in the dumbed-down stock market lesson:

old men, with their hands on Billy's shoulders, explain: "Pork belly, which is used to make bacon, which you might find in a bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich..."

"The best fourth wall break ever is in Trading Places. The two old white dudes are explaining the stock market to Eddie Murphy like he’s a total moron and he gives this fraction-of-a-second deadpan look to the camera that says, 'Can you believe this condescending shit?'"


Paramount Pictures

9.In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, when Austin referenced the fact that the movie was filmed in LA and looked at the camera:

Austin: "You know what's remarkably? How much England looks in no way like Southern California"
New Line Cinema

10.And when Basil and Austin spoke directly to viewers after addressing the fact that time travel movies often don't make much sense:

Austin tries to figure out how time travel works and Basil says not to worry about it and just enjoy himself — he then looks at the camera and says "that goes for you all, too"
New Line Cinema

11.In Free Guy, when they played the Avengers theme and used Cap's shield as an item and then it showed Chris Evans watching and getting angry:

20th Century Studios

12.In Funny Games, whenever Paul looked at the camera:

Warner Independent Pictures

"The whole movie is unsettling, but when they break the fourth wall, it’s absolutely gut-wrenching. The whole movie takes basic horror movie tropes and turns them on their head."


13.In The Emperor's New Groove, whenever Kuzko stops the film:

Kuzko freezing the movie so he can circle himself and cross out Pacha and say the movie's about him, not Pacha

14.In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, when Ferris ended the film by telling the audience to go home:

Paramount Pictures

"Well, it’s gotta be one of the originals: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. At the end! 'Go home, the show’s over.' It’s just perfect!"


15.And in The Muppet Movie, when they ended it the same way:

Associated Film Distribution


16.In Call Me By Your Name, when Elio was staring in the fire at the end and glanced at the camera for a second:

Sony Pictures Classics


17.In A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, when Mr. Rogers told Lloyd to think about the people who have loved him into being, then the entire restaurant is silent for a minute while Fred looks in the camera:

Fred says, "We'll just take a minute and think about all the people who loved us into being. Just one minute of silence," then it's silent for a minute and he looks at the camera


Sony Pictures Releasing

18.In Alfie, whenever Alfie looked into the camera to express his reactions:

Julie tells Alfie she loves him and Alfie says thanks, which Julie repeats in shock as Alfie looks in the camera
Paramount Pictures / United International Pictures

19.In Enola Holmes, whenever Enola would talk to the viewer:


"Unpopular opinion: Enola Holmes. It was just so perfect how she just casually plans stuff out and tells the viewer what she is thinking."

✨Anime Lover ✨

20.And finally, all of Deadpool, but especially when Deadpool broke the fourth wall during a fourth wall break...

20th Century Fox


21....And the genius opening credits, which bent the fourth wall by showing Ryan Reynolds' People cover and a trading card of Ryan as Green Lantern:

credits naming characters like the comic relief and a british villain and god's perfect idiot (with a people magazine cover of ryan reynolds) as we go through an action scene in slo-mo and see someone's purse with a Green Lantern card in it
20th Century Fox

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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