I'm Actually Speechless At These 21 Offensive Dating App Bios That For Some Reason People Thought Were Okay

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1. This person who thinks Tinder is his personal Build-a-Bear workshop:

2. This person who can at least admit that they're super picky:

3. This person's bio that was very contradictory:

4. This bio that is bound to get more left swipes than right:

5. This bio that was honestly tough to read all the way through:

6. This bio that makes me understand why people hate dating apps so much:

7. This exchange that wasn't all that bad until the end:

8. This person who offers almost nothing but expects everything:

9. There's preferences and then there's this:

10. This bio that is honestly too bad to be real:

11. This person whose type seems like they're straight out of a mafia Wattpad fanfiction:

12. This bio that makes it seem like they're looking for a repair person instead of a date:

13. This person who's making me question what on earth "eyes as deep as the ocean" means:

14. This person whose criteria leaves them with very little options:

15. This bio that will ensure this person has the absolute hardest time finding a match:

16. This person who requires an open-minded partner and yet their bio looks like this:

17. This bio is basically a huge, bright red flag:

18. This person who doesn't care if they come off as a bit high maintenance:

19. This bio that is just very lackluster:

20.This bio that makes this person come off as incredibly rude:

  u/kevin32/ Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/kevin32/ Reddit / Via reddit.com

21. And finally, this person who thinks using a fake photo will find them the love of their life:

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