21 Black Cats That Prove How Lucky We Are To Have Them

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I've had the fortune of meeting two wonderful black cats in my life, and I must say, I feel like they've brought me good luck. Like my niece-cat, Jyn:

A black cat with glowing eyes

*Note* I promise her eyes don't always look like that when I take a photo of her, but I'd love her just as much if they did.

Jeremy Hayes / BuzzFeed

So, in that spirit of my love for cats, here's 21 purr-fect little voids from r/blackcats that prove we are lucky to have them:

1. Did somebody order a burrito? Extra whiskers:

2. This black cat is ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.

3. This adorably talkative kitty gives me big Bumble teeth from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer vibes. It's like a kitty toothpaste ad!

4. Those eyes:

5. I want to give this cutie all the head nuzzles:

6.Insert "When You See It" meme:



7. A major downside to being a cute black cat is the paparazzi:

8. The Void-y Awards for best dressed and best spoken goes to:

9. To the barricade!

10. Shark Week is coming up in a bit, but this little one celebrates it year-round:

11. I'm getting early 2000s vibes from her:

12. "Give it here, Meow-foy, or I'll knock you off your broom!"

13. Coming to TV soon, the black cat superhero-team "Night Cats." I would be glued to this bed:

14. Speaking of superheroes, what I imagine if Spider-Man and Black Cat had a pet:

15. The last thing you see:

16. Y'all better leave some birthday wishes for Inky:

17. A skeleton and black cat...just throw in some Chipotle chips and I'm in heaven:

18. The most disinterested cutie ever:

19. Look at this cat, looking like they're gonna tell me some wise advice on how to find a lost ring of power:

20. A master of multitasking:


21. And finally, this goober looks like they are thinking, "Paint me like one of your French cats."

Comment below if you've have/had a black cat! Share their name with us!