2023 Toyota Prius interior

The 2023 Toyota Prius and Prius Prime are completely redesigned. They have sleek, clean bodies and are built on the TNGA-C platform like the Corolla. Powertrains have been enlarged from 1.8-liter four-cylinder hybrids to 2.0-liter models with significantly more power. The regular Prius hybrid now makes 194 horsepower with front-wheel drive and 196 with all-wheel drive. The Prime plug-in hybrid, which is front-drive only, makes 220 horsepower. Fuel economy remains high, with the most efficient regular Prius hitting 57 mpg combined, one more than the outgoing one. The Prime has more all-electric range, too, with 50% more than the old model. We estimate the range to be about 37 miles based on Toyota's quote. The Prime has some other unique features available such as low-speed hands-free highway assist, a 1,500-watt off-board power outlet, and solar panels in the roof that can charge the drive battery when parked, or power accessories when driving. Both models go on sale next year.

Video Transcript

- The interior of the Toyota Prius has, of course, also been fully updated. It has an instrument cluster very similar to that of the bZ electric models with the instrument cluster far up ahead and a small steering wheel.

It also features the Toyota audio multimedia system, which is a big improvement over past models. This is the optional 12.3-inch screen. Standard comes with an 8-inch. It's still a hatchback, five seats, and seems relatively spacious inside.