2023 Genesis GV60 has a transforming shift orb

The centerpiece of the GV60's interior is the Crystal Sphere shifter. When parked, a glowing glass ball with an intricate lattice pattern sits on the center console. The lighting within can be customized with dozens of preset colors (or a hue of your own choosing) to match the ambient lighting on the doors and dash. When you've authenticated yourself as the driver, the orb flips over to reveal an ornate rotary gear selector. It frankly seems like a party trick that gives the car an extra bit of wow, but Genesis claims it's actually a safety feature because you'll clearly know when the car is actually on. That can be an issue in a car without an internal combustion engine, but any claim that a fanciful electronic shifter is a safety feature does seem dubious. #genesis #genesisgv60 #2023genesisgv60

Video Transcript

- Hello there. This is John Snyder with "Autoblog." And I'm sitting inside the Genesis GD60 electric crossover. And that trippy little glass orb there that looks like something out of the movie "Labyrinth," if you guys remember that one? Well, that does a little trick when you turn the car on, a little flippy-doo-dah. And it turns into a shifter. And then you just have to twist it to shift. Hit Park. And when you turn the car back off, there's another little flip back into an orb. And it's neat to look at too. Anyway, thanks for watching.