2023 Genesis GV60 Active Sound Design powertrain soundtracks

The 2023 Genesis GV60 is super quiet. It is, after all, a luxury electric crossover with sound deadening and active noise cancellation. It includes, however, Active Sound Design, which is Genesis-speak for artificial powertrain sounds that are piped into the cabin to match the car’s acceleration and give some audio feedback. The three sounds are called “Futuristic,” “G-Engine” and “E-Motor.” They make the car sound like a spaceship, a gas-powered car or just a louder electric vehicle. Listen to what each setting sounds like with the car in motion, as well as with Active Sound Design turned completely off for the quietest ride possible. #genesis #genesisgv60 #2023genesisgv60

Video Transcript

JOHN SNYDER: Hello there. This is John Snyder with Autoblog, and I am sitting in the Genesis JV60 electric crossover. Now, being an EV and a quiet one at that, you don't get much feedback, audio feedback, in terms of the powertrain.

At least you wouldn't if Genesis hadn't thought to include Active Sound Design, which sort of it gives you a sense of motion when you're speeding up and slowing down in terms of, you know, some piped-in sound. So to set it up, you go to Setup and to Vehicle and then Active Sound Design.

I currently have it turned off, but there's the volume levels for it. So I'm going to change it all to largest change. That'll make the loudest. And let's see.

And then here's the different sounds you could choose-- futuristic, G engine, which mimics a gas motor, and E motor, which is, you know, just a little electric motor line. So I will drive and give you a sense of what each of these sound like. So let's go for a drive.

First up, this is the car with the Active Sound Design off. You hear a little bit of the powertrain at the low end but really nothing. This is the futuristic powertrain sound.


This is the G engine, so the gas engine.


And here is the E motor sound.


And once again, this is the car with the Active Sound Design turned off. Thanks for watching.