This NFL quarterback has a really bizarre pre-game eating habit

Sam Bradford lives by the power of threes.

It's not so much what he eats, more than it's how he eats it. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback will eat anything as long as they come in threes.

For example, he eats three pieces of fruit in the morning –- no more, no less.

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"I'm a routine guy," he told the 101ESPN radio station. "I have to have everything in threes."

Before high school football games, Bradford and his teammates would go to the same restaurant before every game.

"We'd always have the same waitress and she'd always bring us three peppermints. One night, we didn't have that waitress and we didn't get any peppermints," Bradford explained.

"I had to tell my buddy, 'Listen, you have got to tell our waitress that she has to bring three peppermints over here and bring me a to-go iced tea. That's the routine.'"

Don't mess with a quarterback and his gameday rituals.

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