20 Flavorful Ways to Use Up That Extra Celery

Everyone has some memory of eating ants on a log as a child. Whether you devoured or took small mouthfuls in disgust, they were a snack time staple. And, as adults, we can see why. The benefits of celery are numerous. The vibrant, leafy, crunchy stalk is loaded with antioxidants and 25 anti-inflammatory compounds, known to benefit cells, blood vessels, and organs. You'll find vitamins A, C, and K, along with potassium and a boost to your digestive system. Celery has been shown to help decrease ulcers and improve the stomach lining, plus, it's got a high water content and plenty of fiber. If you find a few wallowing stalks in your vegetable crisper, don't throw them out. Instead, try one of these tasty celery recipes. While not always the main star, celery is often a key aromatic, especially in soup. Even the ants on a log get a grown-up makeover, becoming Stuffed Celery with Cream Cheese and Walnuts. From a comforting celery soup recipe to a retro celery salad recipe, you'll soon discover this veggie has a lot to offer.