20 Celebrity Cameos That Had Me In A Nostalgic Chokehold

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I wish I could be a kid again.

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The littlest things made me happy, like watching my favorite celebrities make cameos on television shows to watching new episodes live — and reruns of shows that came on before I was born.

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I feel like there's so much going on in the world, and I need to stroll down memory lane to a much simpler time.

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So let's get started. You know, for nostalgia purposes.

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1.Biggie Smalls on Martin

2.Tupac on A Different World

3.MC Hammer on Martin

4.Busta Rhymes on The Wayans Bros

5.Donny McClurkin on Girlfriends

6.Jim Carrey on The Office

7.Yolanda Adams on The Parkers

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If anyone wants to leave their wildlife behind and change for the better, they should. However, in the episode "Practice What You Preach," church members have a hard time accepting Karla's (Adams) past as she became a minister.

8.Shaq on The Parkers

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Shaq got the chance to play himself on the episode "Sign of Shaq" with a sprinkle of harassment from Nikki Parker and her best friend, Andell. Nikki's dog ate the professor's autographed Shaq jersey, and she was determined to get it replaced.

9.India.Arie on The Bernie Mac Show

10.Kirk Franklin on Sister, Sister

11.Lil' Kim on Moesha

12.Master P on Moesha

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Master P played Patience, a shady "businessman" who befriended D-Money and brought him more trouble than he'd ever been in. He made an appearance in three episodes.

13.Ice Cube on The Jamie Foxx Show

14.Ron Isley and Mary J. Blige on The Jaime Foxx Show

15.Ke$ha on Victorious

16.Brad Pitt on Friends

17.Charlie Sheen on Friends

18.Beyoncé on All of Us

19.Mario and Melvin Van Peebles on Living Single

20.Mister T on Diff'rent Strokes

What are some of your favorite celebrity cameos? Let me know in the comments.