20-40-100 Years Ago -- Feb. 5

Feb. 5—100 Years Ago

Feb. 5, 1923

A plan "to close the gap between the producer and the consumer" may be considered by the new County Farm Bureau, shortly. It is understood that the Farmers' Association and the Grange organizations favor the move. The plan, it is said, will be worked out by the Farm Bureau and in all likelihood placed before the other organizations for adoption. Under present conditions, the speaker continued, "middlemen are handling every product of the farm and are operating at the joint expense of the farmer and producer. ... My plan would be to establish for the city a sort of bureau of information, where farmers might list what they have for sale and where consumers could ascertain where to purchase supplies direct. If this plan could be put into successful operation the middlemen would be eliminated, to the advantage of the producer as well as to the consumer."

Frederick is adding her quota to the growing army of radio fans. Scores of homes are now equipped with instruments to pick up entertainment from the other, and the number of enthusiasts for this new kind of diversion is increasing from day to day. One of the most enjoyable programs recently was the drama "Bought and Paid For," broadcast in fall from Schenectady. Those who heard this could scarcely realize that they were not listening without wires to a production staged hundreds of miles away.

Honolulu, T.H., Feb. 4 — The damage at Hilo and Kahului, as the result of four tidal waves following the earthquake in the bed of the Pacific ocean yesterday afternoon, is estimated at $1,500,000, according to wireless messages received last night. The Matson Company's liner Matsonta, which was a anchor in the bay, was struck broadside by the highest of the waves and it was said she almost scraped the bottom when it receded.

40 Years Ago

Feb. 5, 1983

Frederick legislators in the General Assembly decided Friday to mount a double thrust to obtain the necessary state funds to have Carroll Creek flood control plan legislation passed this session. Last week, the delegation drafted and put into the legislative hopper a bill which would require the state to market a $2.5 million bond issue to pay for the first stage of the project between South Court and South Market streets.

Frederick City officials purchased another piece of land to be used in the Carroll Creek flood control project Friday, and the seller of the property, John R. Cheatham, donated $10,000 to the city toward the flood control/linear park project. The property, at the corner of South Carroll and East All Saints streets, was purchased for the fair market value of $130,000, according to William H. duBell, city director of housing.

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20 Years Ago

Feb. 5, 2003

Frederick County government's plan to pay employees based on performance will add roughly $750,000 to annual payroll increases now running about $1.4 million, officials said. The pay-for-performance system was adopted by ordinance late in the prior commissioners term and has not yet gone into financial effect. "Dry runs" — limited trials without the funding component — have been done.

One hundred and sixty Marine reserves from the Fort Detrick-based 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) battallion were called up to active duty on Monday and will report to Camp Lejeune, N.C., this Friday. The Company B Marines are part of the 4th Marine Division that is based in New Orleans. "It's a partial mobilization for Operation Enduring Freedom," Lt. Col. Ben Alcid said. "I have no idea what they will be tasked to. They've been given a blanket order, so it could be anything."