20-40-100 Years Ago -- Feb. 6

Feb. 6—100 Years Ago

Feb. 6, 1923

Charged with breaking into the office of Harry M. Spahr, near Thurmont, a few weeks ago and stealing three typewriters, Bruce Houck, 17 years old, son of Harry Houck, near Lewistown, was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Allen Bartgis and committed to jail in default of $300 bail. He was arrested while trying to sell some of the machines in this city, and made a clean breast of the theft before Justice J. Graham Johnson, who committed him to jail. When told he would have to go to jail, Houck quietly buttoned up his overcoat and went with the deputy, apparently as unconcerned as if he was going home.

One man was seriously injured and two machines badly wrecked in an automobile crash on the Baltimore state road a short distance east of the Jug Bridge Monday evening. The machine of M.R. Sheets, New Market, traveling eastward, collided with the automobile of Benjamin F. Reich, which was going toward Frederick. Sheets attempted to pass a farm wagon which was going the same direction he was, it is claimed, and crossed over to the left hand side of the road. The two machines collided. Mr. Sheets was thrown through the windshield of his machine and landed on his head and rendered unconscious. His condition is not believed to be critical.

The coldest weather of the winter, which was expected Sunday and Monday, has been avoided by the influence of a huge blanket of clouds over the coast, the Weather Man says. Clouds gathering late in the night protected the district from the cold wave. The snowstorm which visited Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore and Virginia Monday morning was expected by the Weather Man to arrive here before dark. He predicted that five or six inches would fall.

40 Years Ago

Feb. 6, 1983

This date was a Sunday. The Frederick News-Post did not publish a Sunday edition at this time.

(Editor's Note: The News-Post does not have access to archives from 50 years ago for August 1972 through March 1973. The "50 Years Ago" summary will return April 1, 2023.)

20 Years Ago

Feb. 6, 2003

Officials took the first step Wednesday in their fight to control the siting of power plants in Frederick County. Members of the local delegation and county representatives came before the House Economic Matters Committee to testify for a bill to bring power companies with plans to build electrical generating stations under local zoning control. Power providers are exempted under state law from having to seek the zoning approval of local government. Instead, power company requests are heard by the Public Service Commission of Maryland.

For Marine reserves and their families, life speeds up fast in the wake of mobilization orders. The call for Company B of the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalion came last Thursday night. And as they learned Wednesday, Company B will soon be heading to the Middle East — most likely Kuwait — confirming what most have suspected. It also heightened anxiety among families who will be without their loved ones for at least a year.