2 Makeup Secrets From Professional MUAs To Look Years Younger


There’s a good chance you’ve updated your wardrobe quite a bit since you were 20. There are probably a few items in your past closet that you wouldn’t dream of wearing anymore because they don’t fit your style and sense of self at this point in your life. We tend to think of fashion and beauty products differently, but similar to how you might change your skincare based on your skin’s evolving needs, your makeup should also be brought up to date so that it works harmoniously with your skin and features. If you’re interested in keeping your makeup current so that it helps give you a radiant and fresh look, read on to discover two makeup secrets from professional makeup artists to look years younger. 

Opt For Creamy Formulas & Stay Hydrated

Nothing will mess with your makeup look faster than a foundation that’s the wrong formula for your skin. As we age and our skin gets drier, it becomes increasingly important to choose creamy foundations and blushes over powders and to moisturize and prime the skin prior to applying these products so that makeup doesn’t settle within the pores and fine lines. 

“Because skin often becomes more dry as we age, making the skin look hydrated leads to a more youthful appearance,” said Makeup Artist Myah Shein at Style Space. “In addition to having a great skincare routine, choosing creamy complexion products like foundation, concealer and blush, and applying them with your fingers will make your skin look plump, balanced and lit from within.”

Cream products appear to add less texture to the skin and leave it looking fresh and dewy, said Makeup Artist Joleen Emory at Style Space. “They also blend really easily (ideal for a flawless finish),” Emory said. “With powders, there is a risk of making fine lines more apparent, which will have the opposite effect and in turn make us look older.”

One skin tint that Celebrity Makeup Artist Sarah Egan recommends for dry skin is Hi Beautiful You BE YOU Skin Perfecting Tint. “It’s a silky-smooth sheer color gel that enhances the skin for a natural look and the formula has antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin A to add moisture to the skin and protect from free radicals,” Egan said.

Focus on Lashes

One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to feel awake, alert, and ready to face the day with the help of only a few makeup products is to focus on your lashes. While eye shadows and liners take a bit more skill and patience to apply well, mascara (and lush lashes) is the gift that keeps giving. 

“Many people find their lashes lose density over time,” Shein said. “Start by curling the lashes. Then apply a soft kohl pencil (I love MAC Feline) underneath the top lash line by gently lifting up the lid and wiggling the pencil right at the root and between the lashes. Follow with mascara. This will give the illusion of a dense, full lash line.”

You don’t need a face full of makeup or the contouring skills of a pro to achieve a glowing look. By focusing on these two makeup products — mascara and a quality foundation or tint that works for your skin type — you can apply your makeup in minutes and be out the door.