1957 Olds Super 88 Fiesta Wagon Is Ready For Road Trips

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This classic car is part of a nearly-forgotten breed of American vintage cars.

America has been known for its stance against the wagon industry regarding automobiles for a couple of pretty simple reasons. Along with the significant popularity of SUVs in our country, automakers ran out of ideas to make wagons cool to the public eye long ago. Nowadays, if you want a wagon with enough performance to blow the socks off of most other cars on the road, you have to look in Europe's direction. However, there may be hope for you car people who enjoy the comfort of a larger vehicle. Many classic cars came in a wagon option perfect for a vintage auto-enthusiast with a passion for flamboyant design. So, where do you find one of these cars?

This 1957 Super 88 Fiesta Wagon is a personal favorite for many fans of the brand's older endeavors as it lives up to its hype quite well. Anyone who paid attention in their foreign language class in school will know that Fiesta literally means party, and that's exactly what this car does best. You can thank the 350 ci V8 engine sitting under the hood for that, as it makes driving this old legend quite a treat for anyone who likes to go fast. Along with the performance, you may also get pretty good gas mileage over its competitors because of the four-speed automatic with overdrive which makes long road trips significantly less expensive in the gas department.

Of course, wagons are all about utility and comfort, which is precisely why this car can fit a total of six people in its spacious interior. The four doors make entering and departing from the vehicle as simple as possible, and the seats are power-adjustable, making it quite luxurious for the time. Like many of its counterparts, this wagon's rear seating row can also be folded down or removed for extra carrying space converting the vehicle into essentially a truck with a bed roof when you need it. This is the perfect classic car for any automotive enthusiast with a family, a need for utility, or simply an attraction to the American wagon. This car should be the first candidate you consider when buying your next vehicle and why you won't regret your purchase.

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