I Honestly Feel Sorry For These 18 People Having A Really, Really Bad Week

·2 min read

If you had a bad week, just remember...

1. The person who now forever have a grudge against waffles:

2. The person who added a little nature to their home:

3.The person who miiiight have answered this question incorrectly:


4. The person who is about to pioneer the art of underwater grillin' and chillin':

5. The person who is forever trapped in their car now:

6. The person who is about to enjoy every Canadian's favorite delicacy — frozen milk block:

7. The person who will have trust issues the rest of their life:

8. The person who was kind enough to feed their drain a delicious meal:

9. The person who might have a little trouble putting their shower back together:

10. The person who will just have to cancel their daughter's 3rd birthday now:

11. The person who enjoyed their new TV for approximately 4 seconds:

12. The person who is about to have a very fun weekend with the kids:

13.The person who had their guitar opened up a bit:


14. The person who might wanna get that tire checked out:

15. The person who loves their cat very much I am sure:

16. The person who did THIS:

17. The person stuck behind the world's biggest hat:

18. The person who played a real life game of rock paper scissors and found out the hard way what actually goes down: