18-year-old musician performs spot-on parodies of Lorde, Mitski, Phoebe Bridgers tracks

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Three of Rachel Sandy’s many musical faces.
Three of Rachel Sandy’s many musical faces.

Although it’s hard to imagine any musicians doing better band parodies than Bobby Lord’s version of the Frasier theme as a National song or those two guys improvising a gleefully stupid Alt-J track while eating rice cakes, 18-year-old musician Rachel Sandy has been steadily building a catalog of perfect impressions that’s currently going viral on TikTok and that towers above even these exemplars of the form.

Every one of the six videos Sandy’s released so far are great, but the best of them is probably her spot-on performance of a fake Lorde track. “We’re made for movies like the stars, spent our last dollars on fast cars, but we’re not going anywhere,” Sandy sings over a warm synth verse, twisting her hands in front of her while standing at the mic. She finishes playing an appropriately dancey chorus then looks into the camera and says that Lorde fans “would gobble that right up.” The video’s been viewed 7.1 million times.

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Sandy sings and plays every part on the videos she’s made parodying other musicians, which so far includes Hozier, Maggie Rogers, Mitski, and, our favorites, her takes on Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers songs. Somehow, she manages to replicate not just the instrumental and vocal styles of every one of these artists, but writes perfectly fitting lyrics for each of them, too.

Last week, Maggie Rogers highlighted Sandy’s parody of her music by making a TikTok duet featuring the original video, so at least we know that one of the musicians to be scrutinized by her channel is okay with the whole thing. Let’s hope it stays that way and that Sandy doesn’t end up becoming the subject of an a Taylor Swift track about how mean other musicians can be.

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