16 TV Characters Who 100% Absolutely Never Should Have Died, And 17 Who Were So Bad They Needed To Be Killed Off

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🚨 There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead.🚨

1.Deserved better: On Killing Eve, when Villanelle was shot and killed during the series finale while protecting Eve, and only moments after she and Eve finally got together.

Screen shot from "Killing Eve"

"I’m heartbroken, TBH. SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE AT ALL. Villanelle and Eve finally got their happy ending. They understood each other, and I think they could've been really good together. I get that the show needed to end, but this wasn’t the way. I WANT ONE FUCKING HAPPY ENDING FOR THE GAYS. STOP KILLING US."


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2.Goodbye forever: Ryder Lynn from Glee, who was a self-proclaimed Nice Guy, but he was extremely entitled and anti-trans.

Screen shots from "Glee"

"Ryder on Glee only cared about how he thought he deserved Marley because he was the Nice Guy. Not to mention, the fact that he was anti-trans."



3.Deserved better: Eddie Munson from Stranger Things, who gave his life to save a town that never respected him, and only thought he was a killer.

Eddie saying, "I think it's finally my year."

"This man sacrificed his life just because he wanted to change his narrative and be seen as a hero. For all of Season 4, Hawkins saw him as the enemy, but if they only knew or understood how he really saved them all, they'd consider him a hero, too. It made me even sadder because all he really wanted to do was graduate high school and move on with his life; he was destined for greatness but never got to see it."

Lauren Garafano


4.Goodbye forever: Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy, who is somehow always screaming at the women he's dating or married to because they don't always agree with him.

Owen yelling at Cristina because he thinks everything is always about her

"Initially, I loved him, but quickly it became very clear that he was the worst character in this show — and that's saying something, considering how many characters have been on Grey's. He doesn't bring anything to the show besides whining and screaming at the women in his life. I stopped watching after Season 14 because the show stopped being interesting for me a while ago, but maybe I would have kept watching without Owen."



5.Deserved better: Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars, who was blown up right when he and Veronica were finally happy.

Screen shots from "Veronica Mars"

"100000000% devastated by Logan Echolls. I don’t care if they needed to get back to more mystery and less romance. He didn’t have to die for them to do that. And then, they never made more of the show to top it all off!"



6.Goodbye forever: Debbie Gallagher from Shameless, who lied about taking birth control and tricked her boyfriend into getting her pregnant.

Debbie tells Fiona that she intentionally lied to her boyfriend so he'd get her pregnant

"Pretty much everyone on the show did shitty things at one point, but most of them were actually decent and showed remorse for their wrongdoings. But Debbie continually did shitty things and never faced consequences for her actions. It's ridiculous. She never showed remorse for anything she did."



7.Deserved better: Tic from Lovecraft Country, who heartbreakingly died during the ceremony that was supposed to make Christina immortal.

Montrose staring at Tic's lifeless body begging for him to get up and go home.

8.Goodbye forever: Ross Geller from Friends, who was constantly criticizing his friends even though he barely had control of his own life.

Ross upset that his son is playing with a Barbie doll

"I get that he’s ~important~, but he was so toxic. He was super controlling about everyone else's lives. I hated him."



9.Deserved better: Justin from 13 Reasons Why, who'd finally redeemed himself and had the best character arc on the show, only to then be diagnosed with AIDS and killed off.

Clay and Justin saying they love each other. Justin says he's afraid to die and Clay never leaves his side

"He had the best character development on the entire show, and there was just no reason for his death. I’m still asking myself why the writers did this!"



10.Goodbye forever: Kennedy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who was constantly fighting with everyone else when she didn't get what she wanted and was a self-proclaimed "brat."

Kennedy tells Willow that she always gets her way

"Not only was she the worst character in the entire series, but she might be the worst character on TV! I can't think of a single character more irritating than she is. She was worse than any big, bad villain Buffy ever faced."


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11.Deserved better: Poussey from Orange Is the New Black, who was attacked and killed by a prison guard even though she was only trying to help calm Suzanne down.

Poussey being thrown to the ground after trying to help a very panicked Suzanne.

"It was so heartbreaking to watch her lying on the floor with Bailey on top of her and struggling to breathe. Taystee’s reaction killed me!"



12.Goodbye forever: Landon Kirby from Legacies, who was painfully boring and constantly got himself into trouble, especially when he knew he couldn't save himself.

Screen shots from "Legacies"

"Landon is your typical Gary Stu-type character. He has no agency and is constantly depending on Hope to save him. Hope literally goes through hell and back to save his life, and then Landon just dumps her and leaves town. Like, WTF?! Who does that?"


The CW

13.Deserved better: Lexa from The 100, who was accidentally shot by someone who meant to shoot Clarke.

Clarke trying to save Lexa, but Lexa telling her not to be afraid because there's nothing else she can do.

"She was unexpectedly killed by a stray bullet. It ruined the show for me after that."


The CW

14.Goodbye forever: April Nardini from Gilmore Girls, whose sole purpose was to break up Lorelai and Luke, and added nothing at all to the show's plot.

Screen shots from "Gilmore Girls"

"It didn't add anything to the plot other than making viewers frustrated and changing Luke's character arc. I don't think he would have hidden the truth from Lorelai."


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15.Deserved better: Dani from The Haunting of Bly Manor, who sacrificed herself to become the lady in the lake in order to save everyone.

The narrator explaining how Dani became the lady in the lake and Jamie begged to take her place

16.Goodbye forever: Dre Johnson from Black-ish, who's a bad husband, a crappy dad, and just a straight-up selfishly horrible person.

Dre yells at Bow because he thinks she always wants to be right

"I HATE Dre from Black-ish. My brother watches this show religiously, and while I haven’t seen the show all the way through, I’ve definitely seen enough to know that Dre is just a straight-up horrible person. In the beginning, his whole 'I’m a bad dad and husband' thing was tolerable. But now, he’s just totally unbearable. He’s a terrible husband to Bow; he’s also a really crappy dad. Instead of lifting his kids up and making them feel empowered, he puts them down to save himself from being embarrassed. He’s a really selfish and crappy person, and I’m convinced that Bow and the kids would be WAY better off without him."



17.Deserved better: Bob from Stranger Things, who was mere seconds away from coming home unscathed, then got attacked by Demodogs.

Bob helps Joyce and the kids get out of the lab safely. He looks over at Joyce and waits a second too long before several Demodogs attack and kill him

"I still haven't been able to rewatch that season because of Bob. Bob deserved better!"



18.Goodbye forever: Malick D. from Elite, who totally manipulated Nadia to get to her brother, and then got him to cheat on his boyfriend, who was suffering from cancer.

Malick making out with Omar, and then Omar's sister Nadia realizes that Malick pretended to like her too.

"He literally had no purpose except making Omar cheat on Ander. He also had a weird relationship with Omar's sister Nadia at the same time and totally used her because their relationship ultimately meant nothing to him. He was so manipulative."



19.Deserved better: Glenn from The Walking Dead, who was brutally beaten to death by Negan as his friends and his wife, Maggie, watched.

Negan beating Glenn with a bat while his friends and family watch in horror

"It was like losing a member of the family. It came out of nowhere."



20.Goodbye forever: Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, who was spoiled and never had to face any consequences for his disgusting actions.

Blair tells Chuck she loves him and Chuck responding with "Well, that's too bad"

"I've said it once, and I'll say it 1,000,000,000,000,000 more times: CHUCK BASS FROM GOSSIP GIRL. He's the most disgusting television character in the history of everything. Every time I see his face, I get filled with rage. I can't fucking stand him. I can't believe I have this much hatred for a fictional character."


The CW

21.Deserved better: Derek from Grey's Anatomy, who got hit by a truck and died solely because of a doctor's careless decision not to get a brain scan.

Derek getting hit by a truck and dying after not getting a head CT

"I knew it was going to happen and put off watching the episode for years. When I finally watched, I was completely devastated. I cried my eyes out for hours after the episode was over and was upset for days. I'm still not over it."



22.Goodbye forever: Andy Bernard from The Office, who was an unfunny crybaby and too self-centered to be enjoyable.

Andy annoys Michael Scott in trying to get him to hang out with him

"He was absolute garbage and totally ruined the show. He was not funny, charming, or anything remotely positive. He was a crybaby brat who was the epitome of white privilege."



23.Deserved better: Nairobi from Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, who was shockingly and heartbreakingly shot by Gandia.

Gandia telling Nairobi that he was always going to kill her.

24.Goodbye forever: Dawson from Dawson's Creek, who was a total "pick me" guy and was absolutely insufferable about it.

Dawson crying because Joey left him

"He was the WORST and shouldn’t even have been a character. The show should have scrapped him and called it 'Pacey’s Creek' instead."


The WB

25.Deserved better: Maya from Pretty Little Liars, who was brutally murdered by a stalker who pretended to be her cousin.

Emily's mom telling Emily that they found a body and they think it's her girlfriend Maya's

"It was hard going through the rest of the series without her. She was a great character who could've brought a lot to the show, especially with Emily's development as an LGBTQ character. It breaks my heart every time I watch it. When Emily cries for her, I try so hard to hold back tears."



26.Goodbye forever: Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries, who was selfish, constantly complaining, and putting everyone she knew in immediate danger.

Elena tells Stefan she's gonna burn down her house because her brother died

"I know she was the main character, but she was just so annoying. She constantly put herself and her loved ones in danger, and then blamed everyone but herself whenever things went wrong — which they always did. She always expected Bonnie or the Salvatore brothers to save her anytime she stepped in harm’s way, which was incredibly selfish. She completely ruined the show for me."


The CW

27.Deserved better: Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time, who was killed by Hades after saving the love of his life, Regina.

Robin Hood stepping in front of Regina as Hades sends a bolt her way, killing him

"He and Regina were so happy and good. That moment when his soul stayed there...it was just heartbreaking."



28.Goodbye forever: Tom from Parks and Recreation, who didn't add a single good thing to the show.

Tom talks about his "Oh-no-no" list that he has whenever he dates someone. If the woman he's dating commits an "Oh-no-no," he dumps them.

"I never thought any of his bits were funny, and I genuinely don't think he made a difference to the show."



29.Deserved better: Candy from Pose, who was attacked by one of her clients and discovered in a closet two days after she died.

Blanca gets the call that Candy died, right as she was planning for the future, and the girls attend her funeral

"That broke me. Then, at her final performance at the ball, she finally got all 10s. UGHH, SO SAD!"



30.Goodbye forever: Ani from 13 Reasons Why, who kept trying to defend Bryce Walker for sexually assaulting women.

Ani tells Clay that Bryce isn't that bad even though he sexually assaulted a bunch of Clay's friends.

"She annoyed me so much, and her character was so forced. Her defense of Bryce and his unforgivable behavior killed the show for me. She never should have tried to make us feel sympathy for him. She was just annoying and self-righteous."



31.Deserved better: Becca from The Boys, who was accidentally killed by her son when he tried to save her.

Ryan crying and asking for his mom's forgiveness while she tells Butcher to make sure he knows it's not his fault, and promise to take care of Ryan
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32.Goodbye forever: Barney from How I Met Your Mother, who was a total creep and a "misogynistic, narcissistic, egotistical, sexist piece of ass."

Barney sings about how he wishes he could see a woman naked and on all fours

"I love NPH, but God, Barney was such a misogynistic, narcissistic, egotistical, sexist piece of ass. He only respects women when he has feelings for them or when he wants to hook up with them."



33.Deserved better: And finally, Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy, whose painfully heartbreaking death absolutely did not need to happen, and the show suffered because of it.

Lexie Grey's death

“Lexie Grey’s death on Grey’s Anatomy still hurts, and it’s one of those deaths that totally didn’t need to happen. Yes, Chyler Leigh wanted to leave the show, but honestly, if there was ever a time to just have a character drive off into the sunset, it was here. The show hasn’t felt the same since Meredith lost Lexie, and while Amelia and Maggie have been great sisters since, there was something so magical about the OG Grey sisters. There’s a reason her brief return in Season 17 was so massive. It’s because Lexie deserved better.”

Nora Dominick