Here's 17 Shocking Things Jamie Lynn Spears Has Claimed In Her New Book And Recent Interviews

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Content warning: This post contains mentions of abuse.

From spilling secret childhood family stories to making shocking claims about her superstar sister Britney, Jamie Lynn Spears had a lot to say in her controversial new memoir Things I Should Have Said.

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The book, which came out earlier this week, became a center of controversy after the former Zoey 101 star revealed alleged stories about the Spears family in media interviews. Here were some of the most surprising and contested claims Jamie Lynn made in her memoir and on the air:

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1.Jamie Lynn said Britney became her "second mother" throughout her childhood.

Britney walking with Jamie Lynn on stage at the teen choice awards

"Britney took on the responsibility of cleaning and dressing me, and she dedicated herself to making me look perfectly adorable every time," she wrote. "I grew up feeling like I had two mothers."

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2.Jamie Lynn said she was "deeply affected" by Britney's breakup with Justin Timberlake, who Jamie Lynn "adored."

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"The constancy of their relationship provided the best example of a loving couple I had ever seen," Jamie wrote. "I was completely heartbroken when it was over and believed that it was a devastating loss in Britney's life as well."

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3.Jamie Lynn alleged that her former Nickelodeon co-star Alexa Nikolas used to make up rumors about her on set.

Jamie Lynn on the left, Alexa Nikolas on the right

"At first it was small lies—things like people saying I was mean or bitchy," she wrote. Eventually, a rumor about Jamie Lynn having lice started spreading, prompting Britney to get involved.

"Britney told [Alexa] that she wouldn't keep jobs if she continued to treat people that way," she alleged. "After that chat Alexa didn't blatantly bully me."

In response to these claims, Alexa took to social media writing, "It's sad to see someone not change after all these years."

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4.Jamie Lynn said that over the years she saw Britney's behavior shift, describing it as "erratic," "paranoid," and "spiraling."

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When asked about Britney's behavior today, Jamie said in a Nightline interview with Juju Chang that she "can't really speak to anyone else's state of mind...but I'm allowed to say how I felt in those [times] because that matters. It matters that I was in pain."

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5.Jamie Lynn described a time when Britney took a knife, locked them both in a room, and said, "Baby, I'm scared" — a claim which Britney herself vehemently denied.

"Britney continued to act erratically, and all I wanted was her interest and approval. I wanted my sister back," she wrote.

Britney has since denied this story, tweeting, "I've never been around you ever with a knife or even would I ever even think to do such...only a scum person would make up such things about someone."

6.Jamie Lynn said that when she told her family she was pregnant, she felt pressured to make the "issue" disappear.

Jamie Lynn Spears at a teenvogue red carpet as a teenager

“One person after another — and there were many — came to my room trying to convince me that having a baby at this point in my life was a terrible idea," Jamie Lynn wrote in the book.

She also said she wasn't allowed to tell Britney about her pregnancy because it was "too risky." "I needed [Britney] more than ever, and she wasn’t able to help me in my most vulnerable time," she said.

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7.Jamie Lynn said she was put in an "insufferable" remote cabin in the Northeast while she was pregnant to keep the news from leaking.

"It felt like I was really being alienated," she said in the Nightline interview.

8.Jamie Lynn said her father was an alcoholic for years, disrupting the Spears' family life.

The Spears family

"He spent most of my life in that cycle of ruinous behavior," she explained in the book. "His bouts of drinking always caused me periods of torment and sorrow."

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9.Jamie Lynn said she once got in a fight so bad with her mother, Lynn, that it became physical.

Jamie Kynn Spears with her mother

"She started hitting me with a large beaded purse that had, among other things, a camera inside," she wrote. "She repeatedly swung the bag and landed several blows on my shoulders before she stopped."

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10.Jamie Lynn said her ex-fiancé Casey Aldridge, Maddie's father, was absent from their home much of the time.

"His disinterest, lack of fatherly attention, and disregard for our needs was evident in most of his decisions," she claimed in the book. Jamie Lynn ended her relationship with Casey in 2009.

11.Jamie Lynn said at some point Britney asked her to be a trustee for her children, "in the event she would not be able to do so herself."

Britney with her sons at a movie premiere

"There was a time when my sister asked me of her trust and will, if I would be the person who assured that her boys got what they needed," Jamie explained. "Whether she's in a conservatorship or not, that was a very normal thing, I thought."

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12.Jamie Lynn said she took no steps to be involved in Britney's conservatorship, although she was named the trustee of Britney's "SJB Revocable Trust" in 2018.

"I decided to remove myself from that role, citing that the developing issues could potentially create a conflict," Jamie wrote. "My role was to remain impartial and simply be a sister and aunt. I have never participated in the conservatorship as my sister’s personal representative or her financial conservator."

13.Jamie Lynn said she tried to give Britney the resources she needed to get out of her conservatorship.

Jamie Lynn and Britney at the Disney Radio Awards

"[I] went out of my way to make sure that she had the contacts she needed to possibly go ahead and end this conservatorship," Jamie said in the Nightline interview. "I did take the steps to help but how many times can I take the steps...she has to walk through the door."

However, in court last year, Britney said she was not aware she could petition to end her conservatorship.

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14.Jamie Lynn said her father took sobriety tests alongside Britney during the conservatorship.

Britney Spears walking with her father

"They stayed sober together, and seeing my father put Britney's needs ahead of his own desires helped my old resentments fade," Jamie wrote. "For a period of time, the conservatorship mandated that Britney be drug and alcohol tested on a regular basis. My father volunteered to do it with her in solidarity."

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15.Jamie Lynn said Britney has apologized to her for being upset about the conservatorship.

Britney with Jamie Lynn

According to Jamie Lynn, Britney texted her, "'I know it’s not your fault and I’m sorry for being so angry at you. Although I’m your big sister, I need you more than you need me and always have.'"

In her book, Jamie Lynn responded, "I pray for the day she shares these words with the world. I know the truth."

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16.Jamie Lynn said that during the pandemic Britney screamed at her in front of Jamie's children.

"She came at me screaming and getting up in my face while I was holding Ivey," she claimed. "Despite my best efforts, Britney continued on the attack, and Maddie had to get in between us to protect her little sister."

In response, Jamie Lynn said her mother told her not to upset Britney. "I couldn't believe she was asking me to put my feelings and those of my children aside to, once again, pacify my sister," she wrote.

17.And finally, Jamie Lynn wrote that her priest administered final rites for her older daughter, Maddie, while she was on a ventilator after an ATV accident. She ended up surviving and making a full recovery.

Jamie Lynn with her daughter in Disneyland

"I was reminded that our lives are truly a fragile gift, and I needed to flip my priorities," she wrote. "In the years since Maddie’s miracle, I have truly experienced an awakening of sorts."

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