17 Photos That Scream "Capitalism" In The Worst Way Possible

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1. This hospital that gave their nurses...rocks...to show their appreciation:

2. This sign that basically screams "we take advantage of children":

3. This bizarre attempt at disguising supply issues:

4. This no-brainer headline:

5. These gross displays of wealth through crappy NFTs:

6. This tipping limitation:

7. This screwed up requirement:

8. This horrifying display of inequality:

9. This heinous example of how the healthcare system takes advantage of us (and how Amazon keeps us wrapped around their finger):

10. This ironic entry sign:

11. This "flex" that no one wants to hear anymore:

12. This harrowing reminder that there are 14-year-olds being put to work:

13. This sign that really impedes freedom of speech:

14. This daunting new neighbor:

15. This toy that's sucking children into the toxic social media life before they can even speak full sentences:

16. This subway ad that dares suggest I work while ingesting dumplings:

17. And finally, this man who had to sell his Nobel prize to pay for his medical bills. Enough said.

H/T: r/ABoringDystopia

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