17-Year-Old Entrepreneur Drops Out of School to Create Sustainable Masks

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Exa Mask protects those exposed to smoke pollution from wildfires, filtering out 95% of particulates

SARASOTA, Fla., Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Exa Mask, a startup mask company developed by high schooler Kylie Smith, has raised over $77,000 through a Kickstarter campaign and has just shipped out its first 1,000 units to customers across the world.

Exa Mask logo
Exa Mask logo

The masks are created with TR-90 Nylon, a high quality material that can last up to two years. Unlike traditional N95 mask, these masks:

  • Allow one to breathe easily without the constraints of a traditional mask while still filtering air.

  • Have a detachable Shield enabling one to eat and drink while still protecting oneself.

  • Eliminate fogging for those who wear glasses and sunglasses.

  • Filter out 95% of particulates, allowing for protection against disease, pollution and environmental debris.

  • Help control severe allergies and prevent inhalation of smog and air pollution for those living in cities.

"I designed Exa Mask, so that it would be the last mask you'll ever need to buy," said Kylie Smith, Founder of Exa Mask. "Exa Mask's filters are replaceable and the face shield is washable, so the mask is completely reusable – while offering consistent protection over time."

She came up with the idea before COVID-19 when Kylie took a trip to China in 2017 with her father, Rick Smith. There, they needed a mask to ward off the effects of air pollution in Beijing. After paying $60 for a mask that was confining and seemed ineffective, it was clear to Smith that a better mask concept was necessary. She came up with the idea of having a mask with an interchangeable filter to help with breathing. She then followed in her father's entrepreneurial footsteps and spent two years designing a medical-grade silicon nose piece to go along with the mask.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Kylie decided to devote 100% of her time and energy to this project, and dropped out of high school for the year to pursue Exa Mask full time.

"In the face of a global pandemic, finding fresh solutions to unforeseen problems is more critical than ever," said Rick Smith, co-founder of the company. "I am extremely proud of Kylie for following in my entrepreneurial footsteps and designing such a unique product that can help keep people safe."

Exa Mask has a three-part filtration system composed of an air frame, filter and magnetic veil. Its nose piece creates a full seal around the nose while the face shield hovers above the wearer's face. This innovative design eliminates fogging, allows for clearer speech and breathing and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Additionally, because the Exa Mask was designed to protect from air pollutants, it is perfect for those on the West Coast who are exposed to smoke pollution from wildfires.

"Next for Exa Mask, I'd love to see schools as well as airline and retail employees using Exa Mask," shared Kylie Smith. "Exa Mask was designed for all-day wear, so it is ideal for those populations who need to wear masks for their jobs."

To learn more about Exa Masks, visit Exa Mask's website, Kickstarter and YouTube channel.

About Exa Mask
Exa Mask is the future of the mask industry. It is a state-of-the-art and ultra-breathable mask designed for life. Exa is the optimal filtration mask that enables you to breathe with ease knowing you're protected from disease, pollution, smoke inhalation, or any other obstacle that blows your way. Visit www.examask.com for more information.

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