16 Variety Shows Starring Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

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Korean variety shows are jam-packed with unique missions and witty talking segments. That type of content paired with your favorite K-Pop idols means you're bound for hilarious episodes.

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Here are 16 variety shows to add to your watch list:

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1.Going Seventeen

2.Time to Twice

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Watch it on: YouTube

Time to Twice, Twice's reality show, is packed with games and realistic moments that make it impossible not to laugh. They do different series based on the seasons, such as a relaxing camping trip in July and New Year festivities to ring in the 2022 year. Each episode highlights the fun they have as a group and each member's charisma.

3.NCT Johnny's Communication Center

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Watch it on: YouTube

Honestly, NCT has so many fun shows featuring members from NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, and WayV, it's hard to keep track. But, Johnny's Communication Center stars NCT 127 and NCT U member Johnny on his various vlog-style adventures — both solo and with NCT members. From solo rock climbing to making flower bouquets with Mark, every episode will leave you waiting for the next.

4.Run BTS

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Watch it on: V Live

Run BTS is truly a classic, with the first episodes dating back to 2015. With 156 episodes, you'll be able to get to know BTS members through action-packed challenges and missions. The show aired their last episode in 2021, but all their videos are still up on their V Live channel.

5.To Do

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Watch it on: YouTube

Want to get to know TXT after their viral TikToks? To Do is the perfect show for you. Most of the series is divided into two 30-minute episodes, with the members role-playing everything from baristas to chefs. They're truly such an entertaining group with such great chemistry — every episode will have you clicking to the next.

6.Jessi's Showterview

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Watch it on: YouTube

Jessi's charm and wit never fail to make viewers laugh in Jessi's Showterview. The show is an interview-style format with each episode featuring popular K-Pop idols and K-Celebs. However, Jessi's unique interview style coupled with her extroverted personality make the show completely different from traditional talk shows.

7.En O'Clock

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Watch it on: YouTube

What time is it? It's En O'Clock! Starring the popular Korean idol group Enhypen, En O'Clock is a show that features members on various adventures including going on vacation trips and playing action-packed sports games. Each episode is bound to give you an endorphin boost.

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Where to watch: YouTube

Feeling the Blackpink drought coming on? Don't worry, 24/365, Blackpink's variety show is here for you. Episodes feature behind-the-scenes footage of Blackpink's "Ice Cream" music video, photoshoots of Jennie at the Jentle Home South Korea location, Rosé & Jisoo making pottery, and more.

9.Codename: Secret Itzy

10.Chuu Can Do It

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Where to watch: YouTube

From making soap to interning as a reporter, there's nothing LOONA's Chuu can't do. Chuu Can Do It features Chuu doing a variety of different jobs and challenges, all with her usual bubbly personality. She even made a video where she documents what it's like getting married, and as always, she looks stunning in that wedding dress.


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Watch it on: Netflix

With a star-studded cast and mysterious challenges, Busted centers on a group of detectives working to tackle fake crime and murder cases. It's the perfect show for those looking for a thriller variety show packed with fictitious mysteries. The show stars EXO's Sehun and soloist Sejeong, along with other Korean entertainment celebs.

12.Omniscient Interfering View

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Where to watch: Viki

Also known as The Manager, Omniscient Interfering View is one of my favorite K-Variety shows right now. Similar to Home Alone, the show follows K-Pop idols through the perspective of their managers. From music show promotions to magazine shoots, the show gives viewers a glimpse into what idols' busy days look like. Plus, because it's in the perspective of the manager, their commentary makes the episodes 10 times funnier.

13.Home Alone

EXO's Kai introducing himself

Watch it on: Viki

Home Alone, also known as I Live Alone, invites guests who live alone to showcase their beautifully decorated homes and daily lives. Viewers can get an inside look into how their favorite idols spend their days off. Some notable idols who have gone on to the show include EXO's Kai, Mamamoo's Hwasa, and 2PM's Jun.

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14.Idol House

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Where to watch: YouTube

From dance challenges to relay games, there's so many activities for idols in the Idol House. The show is basically filmed in a free-style format, where there isn't a particular host. Instead, idols do various activities and games, such as promoting their comeback song or even recreating another artist's dance. Whatever the challenge is, you're bound to get to know your idols' unique charisma and have some laughs.

15.Weekly Idol

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Watch it on: Viki

Hosted by Super Junior's Eunhyuk and ZE:A's Kwanghee, Weekly Idol invites guests every week to get to know them through fun games and talking segments. You can always catch your favorite K-Pop idols dancing to their comeback song on the show.

16.Men on a Mission

Hots of show laughing with EXO members

Where to watch: Netflix

With over 331 episodes, Men on a Mission features a cast of seasoned entertainment hosts, with different idol groups/K-celebs appearing on the show each week. The show is filmed in a classroom setting, with each guest coming in as "school transfers." The hosts then review their applications (a list of fun facts about the idols) to see if they should get accepted into the school or not. Popular groups like Aespa, Red Velvet, and SuperM have gone on to the show to promote their new comebacks and play fun games with the hosts.

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