15 Tweets About Brunch In LA That Prove It's An...Experience

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We all love brunch. But if you've spent any time in Los Angeles between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., you know that brunch in LA is a completely different beast.


Case in point:

1.Sometimes the menus have cute little quirks:

2.It can get a little pricey:

3.Like, really REALLY pricey:

4.And sometimes, the food is a little underwhelming:

5.Each LA neighborhood has its own brunch vibe:

6.We like to pretend we're brunching in fall even though fall doesn't exist here:

7.There's truly a whole *culture* surrounding it:

8.And who knows, you might even have a celebrity sighting:

9.You're never bored, that's for sure:

10.And the crowd is a very particular type:

11.It's always crowded, but there's one, magical time a year when it's not:

12.There are some rules and regulations:

13.There are also some people you're guaranteed to see:

14.But overall, we love it:

15.Like, REALLY love it:

Happy brunching!


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