The 14 Best Bath Products of 2023 for the Most Relaxing, Rejuvenating Soak

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These aromatic soaks and salts transform any bathroom into a calming oasis.

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After long, stressful days, some people turn to meditation, exercise, or wine to relax — but for us, nothing melts away our troubles quite like a nice long bath. Lighting a candle, pouring an aromatic bubble bath (or sprinkling some muscle-relaxing salts), and spending an hour or two in the tub turns our tiny bathroom into a sanctuary, giving us time to unwind.

To create the most relaxing bath experience, we set out to find the best bath products that will turn your bathroom into a mini oasis. After taking over 25 baths and testing dozens of soothing products — including bath bombs, bubble baths, scrubs, salts, and soaks — we narrowed down the 14 best bath products that left us feeling completely rejuvenated. So run the water, light a candle, and try one of these incredible bath products to calm your mind, body, and soul.

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Best Overall: Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Foaming Bath

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: This all-in-one bath product combines the soothing properties of epsom salt with joy-inducing fluffy bubbles and relaxing aromatherapy for the most revitalizing bath experience.

What We Don't Love: Though the bottle is large, you need to use a good amount of product (about one third of a bottle) to create adequate bubbles.

After a stressful day, the only thing that recenters us is taking a nice long bath — but oftentimes we have a difficult time deciding whether we should sprinkle some simple salts into the water or opt for an effervescent, aromatic soak. Since discovering Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt, we no longer have to choose between the two, because this all-in-one product combines our favorite elements to every bath: Muscle-relaxing epsom salts, long-lasting bubbles, and calming aromatics.

No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a foaming bath to fit your needs: The brand has 15 iterations, ranging from a formula meant to uplift your mood with a blend of citrus essential oils to a restorative soak made with eucalyptus and spearmint (our personal favorite), and even a lavender bath that is meant to lull you to sleep. Along with the stress-reducing benefits the product provides, each unique bath includes skin-softening ingredients like glycerin and magnesium (found in epsom salt), so our body is left feeling fresh and supple long after we drain the water.

With how often we use the foaming bath, we're very thankful it comes in such a large bottle — 34 ounces to be exact. We've found, though, that it takes a decent amount of product to procure the ideal amount of bubbles (we like our bath extra bubbly, so we end up using about ⅓ of the bottle per soak). Granted, you can customize the amount you use depending on your preferences, and at less than $10 per jumbo bottle, this is a worthy, affordable investment that you won’t feel guilty about purchasing again and again.

Price at time of publish: $28 for four bottles

Size: 34 oz. | Scents: 15 | Key Ingredients: Epsom salt, glycerin

Best Budget: Native Body Wash

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: This body wash comes in over 15 different scents and can double as a fizzy bubble bath.

What We Don't Love: While we didn’t personally experience this, some reviews say that the body wash can cause a rash depending on the scent.

From the minimalistic packaging to the simplistic ingredients, Native Body Wash is a no-frills yet delightful addition to your bathing routine. Because smell plays such a huge role when it comes to baths, we love that this cleanser is offered in over 15 scents, including more traditional calming fragrances like Cucumber & Mint, as well as sweeter aromas like Cherry & Vanilla Macaron, so you can find one that speaks to your mood. (Some reviews say certain scents cause a rash. We didn’t experience this when testing the product, but if you have more sensitive skin you can opt for the fragrance-free version).

Though the fragrances stray from the ordinary, the formula provides a classic cleanse that boosts skin hydration without the inclusion of sulfates, phthalates, or dyes. Plus, it can be used for more than just basic body cleansing — when poured under running water it makes for a luscious, frothy bubble bath.

Price at time of publish: $9

Size: 18 oz. | Scents: 20 | Key Ingredients: Coconut oil, cleansing salt, citric acid

Best Luxury: Natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath

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What We Love: This velvety bath immersion utilizes flower and gemstone extracts to holistically and physically rejuvenate the body.

What We Don't Love: The bottle is pretty small — there’s only enough for two or three baths, tops.

Ever wish you could recreate the blissful feeling of lounging in a field of wildflowers without stepping foot outside? Well, you can with the Restorative Floral Bath from Natureofthings. The milky, mineral-charged elixir turned our tub into a heady bouquet of plumeria, jasmine, and vetiver, and Dr. Jonathan Leary, founder of social wellness club Remedy Place, loves how it awakens and rebalances the senses for an overall calming effect.

The bath immersion doesn’t just hold aromatherapy benefits, though — it contains a variety of holistic ingredients to improve overall health. Within the ingredient list you’ll find capsicum: A compound derived from chili peppers that holds anti-inflammatory benefits to ease joint and muscle pain by subtly increasing blood flow and warming the skin; shea butter and green tea, which work to quickly soften and detox skin; and pulverized malachite and rose quartz powders — crystals known to have energy-clearing properties to help you feel at peace.

20 minutes is all we need to emerge feeling rejuvenated, though we understand if you want to stay submerged for hours on end. In fact, you may want to extend your soak to get the most out of the floral bath — the bottle is pretty small, so you’ll likely only be able to use it for two or three baths before you need to repurchase.

Price at time of publish: $68

Size: 6 oz. | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Rose quartz powder, malachite extract, hops extract, cedarwood oil

Best Baby Wash: Nécessaire The Body Wash

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: This rich body wash effectively cleanses away the grime of the day and leaves skin feeling ultra soft.

What We Don't Love: We appreciate the three scented offerings (as well as the fragrance-free version), but we wish the fragrances were a bit stronger.

While we wish sitting in a foaming bath on its own could rinse away the grime of the day, it's imperative to use a body wash to achieve the deep clean you’re after. Luckily, a simple lather with Nécessaire The Body Wash makes the mundane task feel surprisingly luxurious. Infused with a slew of skin-nourishing ingredients (including glycerin, niacinamide, and vitamins C and E), the formula quickly transforms into a rich foam that effectively cleanses away sweat, dirt, and grime from our body in a matter of seconds. And once the body wash is rinsed away, our skin feels fresh and soft rather than stripped.

Because scent plays such a big role when it comes to relaxation, we appreciate that you can choose between three fragrances (eucalyptus, bergamot, or sandalwood), as well as a sensitive skin-friendly fragrance-free option, to customize your bath experience. Though, keep in mind that the scents are pretty light, so you won’t leave the bath smelling like a spa.

Price at time of publish: $25

Size: 8.4 oz. | Scents: 4 | Key Ingredients: Glycerin, niacinamide, vitamins C and E

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Best Body Scrub: selfmade True Grit Resilience Scrub

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: The multifunctional scrub can be used on the scalp, face, and body.

What We Don't Love: For a scrub it has a pretty thin consistency.

Some people may argue that body scrub does nothing more than slough away dead skin — but truthfully, the right scrub can do so much more. Take this one from selfmade, for instance: The brand set out on a mission to create emotionally intelligent personal care products that promote emotional growth and well-being. From the thoughtful name to the gentle yet powerful formula, the True Grit Resilience Scrub encourages your mind to take a breather, plus, it offers plenty of physical benefits, too.

With a combination of physical and chemical exfoliators (gritty bamboo powder along with kiwi and pineapple extracts) it buffs away dead skin while simultaneously unclogging pores and preventing ingrown hairs. Gentle enough to use on your face, scalp, and body, the invigorating scrub leaves our skin feeling baby soft, and ultimately makes us feel a bit more relaxed (in part thanks to the calming palo santo scent).

If you’re accustomed to thick, grainy scrubs you won’t find that here — this one has more of a jelly texture with small, granular flecks which makes it thinner than other options, but just as (if not more) effective.

Price at time of publish: $34

Size: 7 oz. | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Bamboo powder, natural fruit AHAs, vitamin C, tea tree oil

Best Bath Oil: Osea Malibu Vagus Nerve Bath Oil

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Buy at

What We Love: Designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, this aromatic oil helps melt away mental and physical stress.

What We Don't Love: You’ll need to carefully exit the tub after using this because the oil makes everything very slippery.

Have you ever heard of the vagus nerve? As the longest nerve in the body, it runs from the brain all the way to your gut and plays a key role in regulating emotions, stress levels, sleep, and even digestion. Essentially, the nerve can act as a reset button for the mind and body — as long as you stimulate and engage with it through laughter, meditation, exercise, or with the Vagus Nerve Bath Oil from Osea Malibu.

Swirling a bit of this luxurious oil into our bath immediately envelops us with feelings of serenity. Crafted with a blend of over a dozen essential oils (including grape seed, apricot kernel, meadowfoam, and avocado, to name a few), the oil recharges our body on multiple fronts: Softening skin, relaxing pent up tension, and melting away anxiety with its soothing aroma. We like to start our bath with a few deep breaths to let the oil’s full effects sink in.

When it’s time to head back to reality, we feel a renewed sense of harmony — but we have to slowly and carefully exit the bath, as the oil can leave a slippery residue after the water is drained. To avoid any falls, we recommend wiping the tub down so it's good to go for your next shower.

Price at time of publish: $48

Size: 5 oz. | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Grape seed oil, rice bran oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil

Best Bath Bomb: Lush Cosmetics Lakes Bath Bomb

Buy at

What We Love: The herbal bath bomb invigorates the senses with a blend of Siberian fir needle oil and myrrh

What We Don't Love: This isn’t a huge turn off, but it turns the bath water bright green, which could be unsettling for some.

Transforming your bathtub into a dreamy Claude Monet painting doesn’t require hundreds of watercolors or the mind of a master painter — truly, all you need is this bath bomb from Lush. As the blue-green orb twirls through the water, it froths and dissolves, releasing a kaleidoscope of colors, a delightful fragrance, and a variety of essential oils to alleviate stress and tension in the body.

One standout ingredient is Siberian fir needle oil: Aside from adding a fresh, earthy scent to the bath bomb, it’s also known for producing a cozy, warming effect on the skin that relaxes sore muscles and promotes blood flow. Myrrh also does more than add a spicy zing to the bath bomb’s fragrance — with strong astringent properties, it works to gently cleanse skin, too.

While the swirly, dream-like water effect is part of the product’s overall appeal, it’s worth noting that this particular bath bomb ultimately leaves the water bright green, which can understandably be off-putting for some. Luckily, Lush has an assortment of bath bombs (like Butterball) that are a bit more subdued to better suit any preference.

Price at time of publish: $8

Size: 7 oz. | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Osmanthus absolute, Siberian fir needle oil, myrrh resinoid

Best Bath Salts: Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath

Buy at

What We Love: A mix of epsom, west coast, Himalayan, and Dead Sea salts create a unique, mineral-rich soak that alleviates muscle and joint pain.

What We Don't Love: These bath salts smell a bit like a margarita.

For centuries people around the world have soaked in salts to alleviate physical ailments (like sore muscles) and detoxify the body. While you can technically bathe in any salts (including table salt) and reap some benefits, we recommend something a little bit more lavish, like the Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath, to transform your bathroom into a mini oasis.

While the colorful, rainbow painted jar initially drew us in, it's the way the combination of epsom, California pacific, Dead Sea, and pink Himalayan salts quickly ease muscle and joint tension that keeps us coming back. Along with the mineral-rich salts, this soak also contains a blend of  green clay and jojoba oil to soften and smooth skin, so we feel silky and renewed from the moment we step out of the tub.

One quirky aspect of the salts? Though the official scent is redwood grove, it's very reminiscent of a spicy margarita. This will only be a deterrent if you’re not a fan of the drink — as the salts permeate the water, the fragrance turns more earthy and transports us to a place of zen.

Price at time of publish: $30

Size: 8 oz. | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, California Pacific Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, French green clay

Best CBD Bath Soak: HomeBody Full Spectrum of Possibilities CBD Bath Bomb Soak

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: This soak isn’t just beautiful — it’s also full of anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing ingredients.

What We Don't Love: It can sometimes stain the bathtub.

On extra stressful days, soaking in the Homebody Full Spectrum of Possibilities CBD Bath Bomb Soak instantly melts all our troubles away. While many products may look pretty, they don’t always deliver the best results — but that simply isn’t the case with this pearlescent powder.

Dopamine levels start to rise before we even step foot in the tub: Sprinkling a quarter of the packet in the water creates prismatic effect that instantly lifts our mood — but the real magic happens when we submerge ourself. A special combination of chamomile, vitamin C, shea butter, and magnesium aid in reducing stress, softening skin, and alleviating discomfort, but the real kicker is 300 milligrams of CBD that enhances those benefits while also calming our mind and soothing our senses.

We recommend using this soak at night to experience the most restful sleep. But you’ll want to quickly scrub your bath before hopping into bed because this can sometimes stain the tub.

Price at time of publish: $42

Size: 14 oz | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: CBD, chamomile, vitamin C, lemongrass, shea butter

Best Bar Soap: Palermo Body Lavender + Sage Soap

Buy at

What We Love: Tiny lavender buds fleck this soap, so it gently exfoliates while also cleansing and replenishing skin.

What We Don't Love: If you have a coconut allergy you won’t be able to use this.

For years we avoided using bar soap — on top of getting too slippery to adequately wash our body, they always left an annoying residue on our skin. It was only after testing out the Lavender + Sage Soap from Palermo Body, that we realized how much the right bar soap could elevate the entire bathing experience.

The first thing we noticed was the calming lavender and clary sage scent that relaxed our body and mind as we lathered the soap across our body. Then, we felt the nourishing mix of coconut and olive oils, as well as shea butter and kaolin clay melt into skin, replenishing moisture levels while simultaneously cleansing away the day’s debris. The tiny lavender buds scattered throughout the soap aren’t just for looks — the flowers act as a delicate exfoliant, buffing away dead skin, and leaving skin smooth, soft, and rejuvenated. One use left us questioning why anyone would ever write off bar soap.

Just keep in mind that if you’re allergic to coconut you should avoid this since it does contain coconut oil.

Price at time of publish: $16

Size: 4 oz | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Shea butter, white kaolin clay, lavender flowers, lavender oil

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Best Milk Bath: milk + honey Milk Bath No. 5

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What We Love: Soaking in this coconut milk-infused bath immersion makes skin feel soft, silky, and smooth.

What We Don't Love: For a full aromatic experience, you’ll need to use about ¼ of the jar, otherwise the scent is very faint.

While pretty, bubbles and kaleidoscopic colors aren’t required to have an indulgent, uplifting bath. In fact, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Michelle Henry says that simple milk baths can also do wonders for skin (and senses) without the splashy effects.

“Coconut milk-based bath soaks can help reduce skin dryness and are great for sensitive skin types,” she says. “Coconut acts as an occlusive, locking in moisture and avoiding unnecessary transdermal water loss.”

A quick dip in milk + honey’s Milk Bath No. 5 transformed our dry skin, making it silky, smooth and soft. A blend of nutrient-rich organic coconut milk, and vanilla and lemon peel oils soak into the skin and also invigorate the senses. These natural ingredients don’t just feel good, they also create a heavenly aroma (similar to a bright lemon custard) that calms our mind and helps us unwind.

To really get the full aromatic experience, though, we use a generous amount of the immersion (about ¼ of the jar), otherwise the scent can be very faint.

Price at time of publish: $32

Size: 5.2 oz | Scents: 1 | Key Ingredients: Organic dehydrated coconut milk, lemon peel oil, vanilla oil

Best Body Exfoliator: Foreo Luna4 Body Massaging Brush

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: Along with gently exfoliating, this body massager clears pores of grime, sweat, and bacteria for an all around deeper clean.

What We Don’t Love: We wish it was slightly larger to cover more surface area at once.

When it comes to deeply cleansing our body, our hands can only do so much. In the past we’ve achieved a squeaky clean with washcloths and loofahs, but since discovering that both can harbor bacteria, we’ve upgraded to the Foreo Luna 4 Body. This high-tech body massager and exfoliator consistently leaves our skin looking more radiant and feeling silky smooth.

A larger version of the original Foreo Luna facial cleansing device, this body tool is crafted with hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant nylon and silicone bristles. When powered up, it gently pulsates to loosen and remove grime, oil, and other impurities from deep within pores. In the process, it effectively exfoliates away dead skin cells without feeling abrasive or causing irritation.

Aside from the surface-level benefits, using this tool makes bath time more fun and relaxing. The vibrations subtly ease muscle tension and we enjoy seeing a more robust lather form as we work this across our body. While compact (it fits perfectly in our palm), it’s still easy to maneuver around larger areas of the body, but we do wish it was a bit bigger to cover more surface area at once. That said, the same design detail makes this ideal for travel, so you can experience a revitalizing cleanse no matter where you are.

Price at time of publish: $149

Size: ‎1.61 x 3.52 x 4.8 inches | Materials: Nylon and silicone

Best Candle: Glasshouse Fragrances Forever Florence Candle

Buy at

What We Love: Each fragrance is inspired by an iconic city, transporting you to your happy place.

What We Don't Love: Soot starts to accumulate inside the jar when the candle is burned for an extended period.

Truthfully, no bath is complete without an ambiance-setting candle. And though there are certain scents that are known to create a zen-like atmosphere, few things compare to the smell of your happy place. Fortunately, Glasshouse Fragrances has made it easier than ever to bring the ambiance of your favorite location right to your bathroom. With a selection of scents inspired by over 20 iconic locations around the world, tangoing in Barcelona, frolicking through Sydney, or getting lost in Amalfi (among other things) is just a spark away.

The candles don’t just smell gorgeous — the simplistic glass vessel also adds a bit of elegance to our bathing ritual. That said, though we've been tempted to let it burn all day, we recommend extinguishing the flame after about three hours to avoid soot from gathering in the jar.

Price at time of publish: $50

Size: 13.4 oz | Scents: 35 | Key Ingredients: Soy blend wax

Best Bath Board: Esker Bath Board

Buy at

Buy at

What We Love: This minimalistic board has a built-in mirror so you can easily apply a face mask while soaking.

What We Don't Love: It’s not adjustable — but it does fit most standard-sized tubs.

Perhaps the most underrated bath product, a bath board completely changed our bathing experience (and once we used one, we questioned how we ever bathed without it). Designed to go over the tub, these handy boards keep important bath items that you don’t necessarily want getting wet at hands reach (think: Candles, face masks, a good book, and maybe a glass of wine).

Though there are so many bath boards available, we adore the minimalistic design of this one from Esker. Made from sturdy pine wood and hemp rope, it looks beautiful and blends in with just about any bath decor. Plus, it also features a flip-up mirror (a detail not often seen on bath boards), that allows us to apply face masks and other skincare while we soak. If we're skipping a mask, the mirror doubles as a book stand, too.

The only thing that would make this board better is an adjustable width design, but even without this detail it still fits most standard tubs.

Price at time of publish: $90

Size: 32 x 8 inches, accommodates most standard tubs | Materials: Pine wood and hemp rope

Our Testing Process

After researching the top-rated bath products, we handpicked more than 30 bath bombs, bubble baths, scrubs, salts, and soaks to the test over a four month period. During this time we took over 25 baths to see what formulas helped to ease tension, lessen anxiety, and soften skin. In the end, we were blown away by 14 products that left us feeling completely rejuvenated and turned our bathroom into a mini oasis.

What to Keep in Mind


Scent plays into the overall bath experience. Whether you choose to light a candle or pour an aromatic product into the water (or both), scent can calm your mind, melt away anxiety, energize your senses, or even help you fall asleep. Frankly, all bath products are designed to be soothing, but some of the most popular fragrances include eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile. For sleep specifically, look for lavender scented immersions, and on the other end of the spectrum, if you want a truly invigorating soak, opt for something citrusy or minty.

While many products are only made with one scent, Our best overall pick, Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt, comes in 15 fragrances, so you can find one that fits your preferences and needs. If you want to avoid fragrance altogether, opt for the fragrance-free Nécessaire The Body Wash.


The range of bath products available spans far and wide, and while any item you select will pretty much guarantee a relaxing soak, there are certain products that will address certain ailments better than others. For example, on days when your muscles and joints are feeling especially worn, you’ll want to opt for a product rich in epsom salts or magnesium to alleviate some of that soreness. A few of the items on our list contain both, but Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath is especially great at melting muscle tension thanks to its mix of four mineral-rich salts. Along with calming sore muscles, Epsom salt can also reduce anxiety and quiet the mind due to its magnesium-rich makeup. Try soaking in salts when you’re feeling stressed to restore mental balance.

On the other hand, if your skin needs a rejuvenating reset to restore softness, look for products with a mix of hydrating ingredients. In particular, Natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath is chock full of nourishing emollients to revitalize the moisture barrier and plump the skin. To reinforce the hydration factor, incorporate a scrub (our favorite is a self-made True Grit Resilience Scrub) to buff away dead skin and reveal a radiant complexion.

Your Questions, Answered

What are the benefits of taking a bath?

Have you ever stepped into the bath and felt your worries literally (and metaphorically) wash away? That feeling isn’t just in your head. In fact, soaking in the bath has been proven to host a plethora of well-being and physical benefits. “Bathing can fight depression, burn calories, improve heart health, help you breathe easier, soothe joints, reduce pain and inflammation, and can also help balance your hormones,” explains Marcy Miller, founder of Pure Placid.

The well-being and joint-soothing benefits are talked about more than anything, but baths can also address certain skin strifes. “Baths help our skin rehydrate its natural barrier and replenish the lost moisture,” says Dr. Henry. “They can also soften the skin texture, plump up its appearance, and create an overall hydrated glow.”

Of course, the products you include in your soak can enhance the overall benefits, but the water temperature can also play a big role in your well-being, explains Dr. Leary. “A hot bath will allow your body temperature to heat up, which will help improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body,” he says. “While a cold bath decreases inflammation, especially deep in your core or joints, which may be harder to get to.”

What products should I use in the bath?

From bath salts, bombs, and soaks to bubble baths, there are an array of products you can add into your bath water to enhance your soaking experience. When it comes down to what you should use, though, you should keep your overall needs and preferences in mind.

If you’re looking for muscle relief after a particularly intense training session, Miller and Dr. Leary agree that epsom salts or magnesium-based soaks will help remedy any tightness or soreness. “Epsom salts have high levels of magnesium that reduce pain and tightness in muscles and help reduce stress, detoxify, and reduce inflammation,” Miller explains. Beyond alleviating sore muscles, though, Dr. Henry adds that magnesium helps to hydrate and soothe skin as well.

Bath salts of any kind can also aid in reducing skin flare-ups such as eczema. “Salt is antimicrobial, which helps soothe skin conditions,” says Miller. For extra dry skin, Dr. Henry recommends looking for coconut based bath products, like Palermo Body Lavender + Sage Soap because they can “reduce dryness and are great for sensitive skin types.”

For some people, the most relaxing bath involves bubbles or a kaleidoscope of colors. If you fall into the former, Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt offers long lasting bubbles as well as muscle-soothing epsom salts for an all-in-one bath soak. But if colorful aesthetics matter to you, opt for a bath bomb or soak (we like Lush Cosmetics Lakes Bath Bomb and Homebody Full Spectrum of Possibilities CBD Bath Bomb Soak).

What should my bath products smell like?

Scent plays a big role in your overall bathing experience: Certain fragrances can ease tension, relax your mind and body, energize your senses, or even lull you to sleep. “Aromatherapy is at the heart of a good bath ritual. From lighting a candle, to picking the perfect bath oils and salts, the scent should be one that promotes relaxation,” says Miller. “Lavender is well-known as being a relaxing scent, but so too are rose, bergamot, cedar, and vanilla.”

Though those with sensitive skin are often told to avoid any sort of fragrance, Dr. Henry explains that many scented bath products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. She says that soaks and salts made with soothing ingredients, like shea butter and coconut milk (both of which have a natural scent), are typically the best for those with sensitive skin who still want to experience some sort of aromatherapy benefits while soaking. When in doubt, you can always light a candle instead (you can’t go wrong with Glasshouse Fragrances Forever Florence), and stick with fragrance-free products.

If you do notice any irritation (including redness, bumps, or itchiness), Dr. Henry says you can quickly remedy the situation by draining the bath and taking a lukewarm shower to dilute the effects on your skin. If any issues persist, consult with your dermatologist.

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Mary Honkus is a Beauty Commerce Editor at InStyle with over five years of experience covering makeup, skincare, and hair care. As an avid bather, she set out on a mission to find the most calming, uplifting bath products to enhance everyone’s overall well-being. After taking over 25 baths and testing dozens of products, she was able to select the 14 best bath products for a fully rejuvenating soak. Along the way, she spoke with Pure Placid founder, Marcy Miller; Remedy Place founder, Dr. Jonathan Leary; and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry to learn more about the physical and holistic benefits of taking baths, and what types of products make for the most relaxing soak.

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