Here Are 11 Reasons You Need To Watch "Resident Alien"

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A new season of Resident Alien is almost here, and if you haven't watched Season 1, here are a few reasons you need to catch up ASAP.

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1.There's more than meets the eye.

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On the surface, Resident Alien has a simple premise: An alien gets stranded on Earth and has to play human (in this case the doctor in a small town) until he can get back to his home planet. And yes, that's all true, but it's a lot more. The titular alien, played by Alan Tudyk, has another goal to complete — one that makes his Season 1 journey a lot more interesting.

2.There are other little twists scattered throughout the show.

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The season is littered with surprises and moments that'll leave you wanting to see what happens next — including a murder mystery and a season finale cliffhanger.

3.It's multi-genre.

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Resident Alien won't just make you laugh — it'll make you cry (unless maybe you're an alien). Like I said, it's a lot more than a funny show. It explores themes of trauma, grief, and regret, to name a few, and weaves them into the humorous aspects of the series seamlessly.

4.Alan Tudyk, Alan Tudyk, and Alan Tudyk.

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Alan Tudyk is a delight in pretty much everything, and Resident Alien is no exception. Watching him (usually poorly) navigate the everyday highs and lows of being human — from eating pizza to having sex (see above) — is the main draw of the show, and he plays the role to perfection.

5.Harry's ever-increasing humanity.

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One of the overarching themes of the show is Harry worrying he's becoming too human. His plan to leave Earth as soon as he can keeps getting waylaid, and he develops relationships along the way. He goes from being simply fun to watch to being relatable (especially his obsession with Law & Order) and sympathetic.

6.Every character is well rounded.

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All the main and secondary characters have fun little quirks and foibles and backstories that have clearly been thought out, but leave room for development in future episodes.

7.Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv.

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At first, these two don't seem to have the best relationship. Deputy Liv looks up to Sheriff Mike — even though for all intents and purposes she's just as capable as he is — and he takes her for granted. It's a little infuriating! But there's a deep satisfaction in watching it evolve to the point where he finally appreciates what she brings to the table.

8.Harry and Max's frenemyship.

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It's really hard to say which relationship I love most on this show, but Harry and youngster Max's is up there. They start out as enemies, but gradually warm up to each other. The two play off each other really well, in part because while Harry is an adult alien in an adult human body, he might as well be a little kid himself. His back and forth with Max is reminiscent of a prank war you'd see two elementary school kids engage in — one that Max keeps winning. (Although Harry does literally spit in Max's face at one point.)

9.Sahar is a badass.


Sahar is fierce, loyal, smart, and funny. She also happens to be Muslim, but apart from it being nice to see such positive representation, it's not a big deal. She becomes a great friend to Max and even mediates a truce between him and Harry.

10.Speaking of, the show cares about authentic representation.

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Numerous characters on the show, which takes place in rural Colorado, are Indigenous members of the Ute tribe, and are actually played by Indigenous actors.

Plus, among the writers for the show is Tazbah Chavez, a citizen of the Navajo Nation. The show also has several Native consultants to make sure they get their depictions right.

You can see it throughout the season, like in Episode 4 when Harry's assistant and friend Asta brings him to the Ute reservation to help her grandmother, and the way Native customs are incorporated into everyday life.

11.It's based on a comic book.

Season 2 of Resident Alien premieres on SYFY on January 26, which means you have all weekend to catch up.